Call of Duty: WWII Domination Spawn Guide – Where Enemies Spawn in Each Map

cod ww2 domination map guide


While team deathmatch (TDM) might be the most popular mode in Call of Duty, Domination has its fair share number of fans, too. However, one thing that might infuriate people in Domination (Dom) can be the spawns. By this, I mean not knowing which side the enemy spawns which means you’ll get killed from behind, which is a problem every Call of Duty game has, and COD: WWII is no different.

Thanks to Reddit user  jgod_316, a Call of Duty: WWII Domination spawn guide just got made, and it looks solid enough. Check out how you should approach each map in a match of Domination in COD: WWII!

The Areas Highlighted in Red are from the TDM Spawns, the Areas in Purple are the added Spawns within each map for Domination, and Lastly Areas Highlighted in Orange are areas they removed from the TDM Spawns.



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