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Top 5 Fall Guys Tips – Beginner’s Guide News 0

News 0 Have you downloaded or purchased Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout? Do you need some Fall Guys tips whe starting out? MP1st is here to help! Out of nowhere, Mediatonic’s party, battle royale sensation Fall Guys has seemingly captured the hearts (and time) of gamers around the world, as hundreds of thousands of players flock to the […]

World War Z PvP Classes And Skill List Guide News 0

News 0 In addition to the co-op classes that we posted earlier last week,  World War Z also features online PvPvE (Player-versus-player-versus-enemies) that has its own separate progression and unique classes. This guide will walk you through those classes along with their skills to help you decide which one to play. In total there are 10 classes, […]

The Division 2 Hunter Mask Location Guide News 0

News 0 There’s no shortage of items to collect in The Division 2; be it weapons, armor, or just cosmetic items to make your character stand out from the pack. If you’re looking for something to collect, gain XP in the process, and have your character look good, we’re here to help! Listed below are the Hunter […]

The Division 2 Faction Key Locations Guide News 0

News 0 If you’re knee-deep in The Division 2, chances are you’ve traversed the game’s sewers a few times. If you have, you might have noticed locked boxes/chests that require faction-specific keys. Each sewer tunnel holds a Faction key, but given how big the game’s levels are, it’s easy to get lost when looking for ’em. With […]

Rocket League Half Flip – How to Master News 0

News 0 Sponsored by PlayerAuctions Rocketing Your Way to Half Flip Mastery While playing Rocket League, have you ever gone into full nitro mode only to overshoot your mark and have someone else wrestle ball control from you? Quite a frustrating scenario, isn’t it? In such instances, your only recourse is to be quick about your turnaround […]

Monster Hunter World Enraged Monsters Guide News 0

News 0 Sure, Monster Hunter World might be more than a month old by now, but that doesn’t mean everything is already known about it. If you ever wanted to know when a monster is “enraged,” then this quick Monster Hunter World enraged monsters guide should do the trick! For those not familiar with enraged monsters in […]

Monster Hunter World Lance End-Game Build – Tank Through Everything News 0

News 0 Even after weeks of being published, our Monster Hunter World bow end-game guide is still going strong with reader engagement. Well, thanks to that, I’m back with another weapon and build end-game setup, and this time it’s for the lance! Check out our Monster Hunter World lance end-game build with tips and tactics now! Note: […]

Here’s the Complete Monster Hunter World Decorations List News 1

News 1 If you’re at the end-game in Monster Hunter World, chances are you’re collecting Decorations to round out your build. Those who are at this juncture might be wondering just what the complete Monster Hunter World Decorations list looks like, and what else they don’t have. Well, thanks to Reddit user BcRcCr, you don’t need to […]

Monster Hunter World Decorations Save Scum Exploit Guide News 6

News 6 If you’re already at the end-game portion of Monster Hunter World, chances are you’re hard at work grinding to find the ideal Monster Hunter World Decorations to complete your build. While (almost) every tempered investigation will give you a random feystone upon completion, the chances of getting rarity 7 or rarity 8 Decorations are staggeringly […]

Monster Hunter World Horizon Zero Dawn Content Crossover for Aloy Now Live – How to Unlock Everything & What It Looks Like News 0

News 0 While we already posted on Monster Hunter World crossing over once again with Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn by letting players gear up as Horizon’s protagonist, Aloy, we’ve now gone in depth with a quick guide on what to do now that the quest is live! Yes, you read that right! The Monster Hunter World […]

Monster Hunter World Bow End Game Build Guide – What Armor, Weapons and Decorations to Use News 3

News 3 I’ve been pouring in the man hours into Monster Hunter World, and mostly as a bow user. My Hunter Rank is sitting at HR70+ as I write this, and so far so good, the bow build I use for the end- game is good enough for me to solo most tempered Elder Dragons, though you […]

Monster Hunter World Augmenting Guide – What It Is and How to Unlock It News 0

News 0 If you’re at the very high Hunter Rank in Monster Hunter World (HR50 and above), then you’ve most likely have crafted your end-game weapon of choice, and even your end-game armor. You might be farming for the best Decorations now to complete your badass character, but believe me, you’re not done — not by a […]

Monster Hunter World Tempered Quests How to Get Them and Here’s the Tempered Threat List News 0

News 0 If you’re at the very end-game part of Monster Hunter World, chances are you’re farming for tempered monsters for the very best stuff. Unfortunately, once you’ve hit HR50, the game just throws you into the deep end of the Monster Hunter World tempered monsters pool without any direction on what to do next, where to […]

Monster Hunter World Ryu Armor Skin: Here’s How to Get It & What It Does News 0

News 0 Monster Hunter World Ryu armor is here, and it looks badass! As part of Capcom’s cross-game promotion with Monster Hunter World and Street Fighter V, players will now be able to pick up the Ryu “armor” to show off the street fighting badass in the action game. The Monster Hunter World Ryu armor is indeed […]

Monster Hunter World Monster Weakness Chart Gives Us a Super Quick Way to Know What Elements to Use News 0

News 0 This Monster Hunter World monster weakness chart might save your character’s life. If you’re one of the millions of gamers out there toiling away at Monster Hunter World, chances are you want a quick and easy way to check the Monster Hunter World monster weakness info. Sure there’s your hunter’s notes, however, it’s a pain […]

Monster Hunter World Jewels and Decorations – How to Get the Good Ones News 0

News 0 Monster Hunter World jewels will make or break your build for end-game! If you’re hovering near Monster Hunter World’s end-game, or even at that point, you’ve no doubt encountered the Monster Hunter World jewels — or “decorations” — as the game likes to call ’em. If you’re unfamiliar with it or do not know how […]

Monster Hunter World Nergigante Weakness and Rewards News 0

News 0 Monster Hunter World Negrigante weakness and more revealed! With Monster Hunter World now a few weeks old, chances are, the dedicated players out there have already reached High Rank mode. But in order to surpass the High Rank cap, and dive into the real meat of Monster Hunter World, players need to to go through […]

The Division Legendary Missions Solo Guides News 0

News 0 With the release of The Division’s biggest game update, Ubisoft not only made drastic changes to the overall gameplay of the third-person open world shooter, but even to the “Legendary” missions as well. Thanks YouTuber RODSCHER 80, you can now check out The Division Legendary mission guides! One thing that makes these videos different from […]

Call of Duty: WWII Emblems Tutorial Videos Teach You How to Make Deadpool and More News 0

News 0 Update:  Added new videos for Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII, and lots more, which you can see below. Original Story: While some stuff in Call of Duty: WWII still isn’t working as intended until now, there is one thing that’s going right, and that’s the game’s emblem creator. Same as in previous entries in […]

Star Wars Battlefront II Beginner’s Guide Tips and Tricks News 6

News 6 [tps_header] With Star Wars Battlefront II out in first trial for the Xbox One and PC, and being available a few days early with the deluxe edition letting owners play a few days early, those who bought Star Wars Battlefront II the actual day of release, which is this past Friday, will need all the […]

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