How to Unlock the MP5 in Modern Warfare 2

how to unlock mp5 in modern warfare 2

In past Call of Duty games, unlocking new weapons as you level up were easy, you just had to play the game normally, and after hitting a specific level, a particular weapon or item would unlock. While that’s still the case somewhat in Modern Warfare 2, it’s not the complete story. For guns like the MP5, there’s a lot more maneuvering needed due to the new Weapon Platform mechanic Infinity Ward introduced, which is a tad confusing. Well, MP1st is here to help with our MP5 unlock guide for Modern Warfare 2!

How to Unlock the MP5 in Modern Warfare 2:

Here’s a step-by-step guide in order to unlock the MP5 submachine gun in Modern Warfare 2, and it’s possibly one of the best weapons in the game.

  • Reach level 16 in the multiplayer progression tree to unlock the Lachmann 762 Battle Rifle in the Battle Rifle category
  • Equip and use the Lachmann 762 until you reach level 12 to unlock the Lachmann 556
  • Equip and use the Lachmann 556 until you hit level 11, which will then unlock the Lachmann submachine gun weapon receiver
  • In the Gunsmith for the Lachmann, you will now be able to unlock and equip the SMG receiver attachment for it, which will turn it into the MP5. 

Voila! Easy, right? Though a tad convoluted, I have to admit. And for those wondering, yes, you’ll need to unlock the submachine gun’s attachments the old fashioned way, as the items you unlocked for the Battle Rifle and Assault Rifle variants of the Lachmann can’t be used for the MP5.

While we are currently playing the beta version of the multiplayer, there has been no hint or mention by Infinity Ward that unlocking the MP5 will change in the final version of the game. 

Chances are, the final retail release of Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer will also feature different gun unlocks this way, and we’ll be sure to let our readers know how they can be unlocked. 

You can read our thoughts on the MW2 beta right here.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be released on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC this October 28.

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