Where to Find Outriders Hell’s Rangers Content Pack

Where to find Outriders Hell's Rangers Content Pack

For those who pre-ordered or bought the Outriders Hell’s Rangers Content Pack, you may be wondering where exactly you find these items in-game. Well, wonder no more as we have written up a quick guide detailing on where to find the Outriders Hell’s Rangers Content Pack in-game. 

What’s in the Outriders Hell’s Rangers Content Pack?

First off, what exactly are you getting with this content pack? Well, quite a bit as the Outriders Hell’s Rangers Content Pack comes with 11 unique guns, some decals and mods for your truck, and some male and female ranger gear items. A full breakdown of the content can be found below (images and stats available here).

Note that all gear items (armor, guns) require you to be at least level 10.


  • Earthborn Renegade’s SMG
  • Earthborn Renegade’s Assault Rifle
  • Earthborn Renegade’s LMG
  • Earthborn Renegade’s BAR (bolt-action rifle)
  • Earthborn Renegade’s Marksman Rifle
  • Earthborn Renegade’s PAS (pump action shotgun)
  • Earthborn Renegade’s Double Gun
  • Earthborn Renegade’s Auto Shotgun
  • Earthborn Renegade’s ASR (automatic sniper rifle)
  • Earthborn Renegade’s Pistols
  • Earthborn Renegade’s Revolver

Truck Mods

  • Cerberus Front Bumper
  • Cerberus Hood
  • Cerberus Trailer
  • Cerberus Rear Bumper
  • Cerberus Wheel Cover

Ranger Gear

  • Earthborn Renegade’s Mask
  • Earthborn Renegade’s Jacket
  • Earthborn Renegade’s Trousers
  • Earthborn Renegade’s Gloves
  • Earthborn Renegade’s Boots

Where do you find the Outriders Hell’s Rangers Content Pack in-game?

It isn’t all too complicated to find this pack at all, just you might overlook it as we did for about 10 hours. Steps to finding the pack are as follows.

  1.  Beat the prologue so you get access to the in-game camps
  2. Locate the stash box, this is usually right next to the fast traveling banner and other critical vendors.
  3. Open your stash box and navigate to the “inbox” tab. You will then be able to claim your content
  4.  Enjoy!

That’s all there is too it, pretty easy right? Well hopefully you read this before playing long as we found out far too late into our campaign. 

We’ll have some more guides up real soon, so keep an eye out on our Outriders guide page

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