Call of Duty: WWII Glitch Lets You Race Around on Your Backside

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Call of Duty: WWII hasn’t had the most stable of launches. Server issues have plagued the game for over a week now, and players are becoming pretty impatient with the lack of support. Even the new patch did little to reassure the community. 

Happily, there’s an upside to WWII‘s lack of polish. Over on Reddit, user faded4898 posted a .gif of him and friends racing around the Headquarters. What makes this so hilarious, is that each player is speeding around while using the sitting animation. 

Check it out:

How exactly you do this is explained by faded4898 in the comments:

“After doing the sitting emote, if you hold the W and C keys then you start to glide around like in the gif
EDIT: And yes it works on console too, after sitting down move forward and crouch at the same time. It might be hard at first, it’s all about timing” – faded4898

Give it a try on your next trip to the Headquarters! Let us know if you succeed!

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Source: Reddit