Call of Duty: WWII Prestige System, Headquarters, Contracts, Quartermaster & More Info Leaked

[tps_title]Call of Duty: WWII Armory[/tps_title]


You can purchase new items using Armory Credits and CoD Points.

Command has seen it fit to reward you with Armory Credits to spend on supplies. Come back every so often to get outfitted again.

You don’t have enough Armory Credits to purchase this item.

Can’t afford armory drop. 100 armory credits required.

  • ArmoryConfirmRedeemAllDuplicates()
  • s2_armory_credits_icon
  • Inventory_ConvertItemToArmoryCredit
  • Heroic Challenge – Hold &&1 To Purchase
  • Armory Drops
    • Armory Drop – Launcher
    • Armory Drop – LMG
    • Armory Drop – Melee
    • Armory Drop – Pistol
    • Armory Drop – Rifle
    • Armory Drop – Shotgun
    • Armory Drop – SMG
    • Armory Drop – Sniper

    Orders Rewards

    • 50 Armory Credits Reward
    • 30 Armory Credits Reward
    • 70 Armory Credits Reward
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