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Report: Harry Potter RPG Leaked Gameplay Footage Looks Incredible, Watch It Now News 0

News 0 It’s Avada Kedavra time, Harry Potter fans! It seems Warner Bros. is working on a as-of-yet–unannounced Harry Potter RPG that’s aimed for hardcore gamers. What’s more, there’s leaked gameplay footage of it flying about right now, and it shows the unnamed wizard killing enemies! Watch the brief leaked footage below, where we get to see […]

Report: Destiny 2 Future DLC Locations and Info Leaked From PC Files News 0

News 0 In case you didn’t know, Destiny 2 is now out on PC! While Activision might be happy with the influx of new, and paying customers, there is one thing that the publisher or developer Bungie might not be too hot on, and that’s people mining the PC files. Over on Reddit, user TheEcumene dug through 26K […]

Call of Duty: WWII Zombies Mode Leak Mentions Bonus Map, Hints at First Zombies DLC News 0

News 0 While we reported on a massive Call of Duty: WWII Zombies mode leak a week ago that detailed the weapons, features and more, there seems to be another COD: WWII Zombies mode info leak, and this one might be bordering on spoiler territory. YouTube channel TheGamingRevolution posted a video where it talks about the said […]

Call of Duty: WWII Basic Training List, Game Modes, Ranked Play & More Leaked News 0

News 0 In the WWII Beta we were allowed access to 14 of the seemingly 37 Basic Trainings that will be available in the Full Build. Below is a list of all Basic Trainings and a Description of each. These were extremely messy in the game source, so expect errors. Hustle Reload faster and while sprinting. Gunslinger […]

Call of Duty: WWII Prestige System, Headquarters, Contracts, Quartermaster & More Info Leaked News 0

News 0 Headquarters WELCOME TO HQ – LAY OF THE LAND Welcome to the Live Lobby, soldier. While you’re here you’re going to gear up, get to know your comrades, and relax before the fighting starts. There’s a lot to do on the base before heading out to the front lines, so let’s get started. Meet the […]

Call of Duty: WWII Scorestreaks, Camos, Emotes Leaked, Theater Mode Mentioned News 1

News 1 Scorestreaks In the WWII Beta we used 12 of seemingly 18 total Scorestreaks that will be available in the full build of WWII. Below is a list of all Scorestreaks referenced in the Beta Build, in no particular order. Descriptions for the unreleased Scorestreaks were not available. Advanced Recon Aircraft (ADVANCED_UAV) Carpet Bombing (AIRSTRIKE) Care […]

Sledgehammer Games Issues Statement on Call of Duty: WWII Info Leaks News 0

News 0 Over the past few days, a lot of Call of Duty: WWII info pertaining to the multiplayer and Zombies mode have leaked due to the PC beta files being data-mined. We’ve seen the number of guns that are included in the game, and even the map list (read all leaked multiplayer details here), and more.  […]

Report: Call of Duty: WWII Zombies Mode Perks, Classes, Features & More Leaked News 1

News 1 With Call of Duty: WWII doing a beta on PC, one of the inevitable things that are bound to happen is someone data mining the beta files to see what’s in store for the full game. Well, that’s exactly what happened now as the COD: WWII Zombies mode doors have been blown wide open! Weapons, […]


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