Call of Duty: WWII Bad Spawn Rate Is “Franchise Setting Low” According to Sledgehammer Games

With Sledgehammer Games announcing that their Call of Duty: WWII data shows players are having “more fun” with COD: WWII’s 50 points per kill in Domination, it seems they have more data to share, and this one involves spawns in team deathmatch (TDM).

According to Sledgehammer Games boss Michael Condrey, the bad spawn rate in COD: WWII is at a “franchise-setting low.”

In case the tweet didn’t load, Condrey states:

Actually, based on many billions of spawn data points, we know our bad spawn rate is franchise setting low in this game. Less than 3 per 1000 spawns.

While I’ve mostly played Domination in COD: WWII, whenever I played TDM, I did notice some iffy spawn situations where I either got shot immediately from behind, or I spawned directly at an enemy’s back netting a super easy (but unfair) kill.

Do you agree with Condrey that the bad spawn rates in COD: WWII are at a franchise low? Let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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  • Retro

    Condrey is an idiot.

  • His data is probably correct, but I suspect the terms of ‘bad spawn’ are much stricter than real gameplay experience, as in, you only spawn 3 in 1000 times with another enemy being able to see you spawn. There’s still plenty of incidents where I’ve spawned and then been killed 2 seconds later, which is too fast imo. That’s why I think it’s just their definition of bad spawn is slightly different to what us players mean.

    • Yeah I agree. Yesterday alone I was spawned right in the midst of 2 enemy players a few times. Needless to say I got dropped immediately. A real buzzkill especially when it daisy-chained into a 4 death streak due to it happening 4 times in a row. As frustrating as it was, all I could do was laugh due to the fact that in one of those deaths I dropped a grenade before dying and got one of them.