Call of Duty: WWII Supply Drops Confirmed to Include Weapons, Check Out the List Here

As one might expect (sadly), there will be new Supply Drop-specific weapons in Call of Duty: WWII! What’s more, we now have an image of what each looks like!

Thanks to Reddit user MossadKilledLilPeep, we have a compilation of images that showcases the new Legendary, Epic and Weapon Supply Drops, and most important of all, the new weapons!

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New Supply Drop Variants

Legendary Supply Drop

Epic Supply Drop

Weapon Supply Drop

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New Supply Drop Variants

  • Hvd

    pay 2 win cod confirmed.

    • SIN Scallar

      no surprise. They did say “cosmetic only at launch”, so really this was actually _expected_

      • Hvd

        yep i havent played a cod game since cod aw and a battlefield games since bf4 for

  • vera charles

    this got me excited.Take a look at this for similar articles