Report: Call of Duty: WWII Latest Update Has Not Rolled Out for Middle East

While the latest Call of Duty: WWII game update has rolled out hours ago for everyone in the world, it seems people in the Middle East have been given the shaft. Over on Reddit, Middle Eastern players from Qatar and UAE (United Arab Emirates) have posted that they are still stuck with the old version of the game client.

[No Update] Middle East – HQ still empty. Update Missing. Still on 1.06 from WWII

In case the embed didn’t show up for you, it reads:

Last time they said HQ is now working for everyone and Middle East was not included.Now they roll out the update and Middle East still not included. What the F is going on.

I am in saudi arabia PS4. My HQ worked fine on game launch till they removed due to server issues. From that time it is still empty.

Now after waiting for more than an hour for update it is still missing and my PS4 showing I am on latest version but the game version is 1.06.

Anyone else facing the same issue? If yes then location please.

If you’re from the Middle East, let us know if the game has updated for you and for which platform. Let’s hope Sledgehammer sees this and fixes the problem ASAP.

Speaking of fixing, South East Asia players have started a petition asking Sledgehammer to roll out Call of Duty: WWII servers for the region.

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