Call of Duty: WWII Winter Siege Event Returns, Here’s What to Expect

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In case you’re still heavily playing Call of Duty: WWII, Sledgehammer Games hasn’t forgotten about you at all! The studio has announced that the COD WW2 Winter Siege event is coming back this year! It should be live now and will last until January 1, 2019!

Aside from new playlists, there’s going to be the Winter Siege Collections and more.

That said, we’re re-launching Winter Siege beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, December 4th, on all platforms. Shout out to all the conspiracy theorists out there that got it right! With that comes a special Wintery Playlist featuring winter maps that includes Winter Carentan. We’re also reopening Winter Siege Collections that include the Gewehr 43, Sten and GPMG, various uniforms, giving everyone a free Winter Supply Drop per week just for playing, along with Winter Siege Quartermaster promotions throughout the event. Lastly, we’re adding a Winter Carentan Mosh Pit that includes Team Deathmatch, Domination, Hardpoint, Kill Confirmed on Winter Carentan with 2XP. Although you won’t be seeing the wintery HQ during the event, we feel like this is a great chance to partake in the event if you missed it last year or didn’t get a chance to check out some of these unique weapons and gear.

Again, this COD WW2 Winter Siege event should be live now, so go make sure to partake in the winter shootbang fun.