Call of Duty: WWII Free to Play Weekend for PC Happening Now, Community Update Talks Mechanics

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For PC gamers who haven’t jumped on the Call of Duty: WWII train, can try before they buy as a free weekend for Call of Duty: WWII is now live! Starting today, and lasting until Sunday, 1 p.m. PT, the multiplayer portion of WWII will be free on PC.

Hey PC gamers,

From now until Sunday, February 25th at 1pm, Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer is free to access on PC! 


  • All progression carries over from free trial to full title once purchased
  • All inventory items and unlockables will carry over from free trial to full title once purchased

You can download the game client here.

In addition to that, the weekly community update has been posted by Sledgehammer, and given a new significant hotfix has just been rolled out earlier today, there’s not a lot to announce other than addressing War and global XP concerns, and not using “coming soon” too much.

We saw your feedback about our use of “coming soon” in our last update. Wherever possible, we try to get solid dates for when features and changes will be implemented and share them with you. At the very least, we like to tell you about things we’re working on, even if we haven’t nailed down a date just yet. Things can, and often do, change in game development, and we want to make sure we are flexible and able to adapt to whatever we might encounter. That said, expect to see a reduced use of “coming soon” coming soon… (Sorry, we had to. ????)

War and Global XP. We’ve been working hard with our data scientists and analysts to investigate match XP earn rates after seeing quite a few reports from the community that they seemed low. After collecting data across all major modes (including the now-resolved XP issues we faced in Prop Hunt), not just War Mode, we can confirm that match XP earn rates are consistent across all modes, and earning at the rate that they should be. As you complete your Challenges, your bonus XP rates will likely become lower over time as challenges are completed at a decreasing rate, but the match XP players are earning has not changed. We recommend taking a look at your After Action Report (AAR) after each match, which gives you a full breakdown on XP earned. We take the community’s concerns seriously, and we are glad we were able to look into this and clarify!

You can check out the latest weapon tuning updates here.

Source: Sledgehammer Games