Code Vein Update 1.50 Brings New Gestures, Photo Mode Updates & More

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Bandai Namco Entertainment has released a new Code Vein patch today, and it brings a bunch of updates to the game, and more. Console gamers will see this as Code Vein update 1.50, and you can see the full Code Vein update 1.50 patch notes.

Code Vein update 1.50 patch notes:

Base Updates

  • A new feature allowing you to view past events has been added to the hot springs.
  • Now you can now site in front of the piano. – While seated, you can press buttons to play the piano.

Phote Mode Updates

  • A new real-time mode has been added to Phote Mode. – Real-Time Mode allows you to use Phote Mode without stopping time in the game.
  • Photo Mode can now be entered during multiplayer. – Photo Mode during multiplayer will always be in real-time.
  • Pose settings are now available for your partner in Photo Mode.
  • Mask display settings will now be applied to your partner.
  • New photo frames and special effects have been added.

System Updates

  • Added new gestures.
  • Changed the timing at which you can enter the Depths’ add-on in New Game. – You can now obtain the necessary map before completing the Crypt Spire by investigating the memo placed near Davis in the base.
  • Fixed a number of bugs and issues.

That’s it for all the changes made that we know of so far. If Bandai Namco Entertainment releases a new patch notes list, we’ll update the post.