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Tekken 7 Season Pass 4 New Features Coming to All Players Revealed and Detailed News 0

News 0 Just yesterday, we posted the trailer for Tekken 7’s Season Pass 4, which featured the first DLC fighter for the pack. Now for those who don’t own the Season Pass, you’ll still be able to experience the Tekken 7 Season Pass 4 new features when you download the data for it. In a press release, […]

Tekken 7 New DLC Fighter Kunimitsu Announced in Season 4 Launch Vid News 0

News 0 Season 4 of Tekken 7 is almost upon us, and Bandai Namco Entertainment is drumming up the hype by releasing a brand new trailer for it. We have the first Tekken 7 new DLC fighter in Kunimitsu, though with some slight differences. I’ll leave it for you to find out by watching the trailer below. […]

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Update 1.25 September 23 Rolled Out News 3

News 3 Just last month, Bandai Namco Entertainment released a rather hefty patch for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 that saw the game get a new fighter and other new content. Today, Bandai Namco Entertainment has released the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 update 1.25 September 23 patch, and unfortunately, it doesn’t have the same type of content as […]

Tekken 7 Update 3.33 August 18 Brings Balance Changes and Lobby Skip News 0

News 0 Bandai Namco Entertainment has released the Tekken 7 update 3.33 August 18 patch that includes character gameplay changes, and an option to skip player lobbies. Head on below for the full patch notes. Tekken 7 Update 3.33 August 18 patch notes: TEKKEN 7: The updated data Ver.3.33 is now released. Added features to PLAYER MATCH. […]

Tekken 7 Update 3.32 June 16 Released for Fixes News 0

News 0 Tekken 7 fighters, Bandai Namco has released the Tekken 7 update 3.32 June 16 patch! As one might expect given it’s a low profile patch roll out, this is purely for fixes, so don’t expect any new content. Tekken 7 update 3.32 June 16 patch notes: ■PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM® Update data Ver.3.32 (Revised June 16, 2020) […]

Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Free PSN Download Available (US, EU) News 0

News 0 Who doesn’t want free games, right? Bandai Namco Entertainment is giving away a free game for PS4 owners right now! Below are the Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 free PSN download links for both US and EU! While you can download the game directly via your PS4, if you want to do it now, just log […]

Tekken 7 Update 3.31 Kicks Out, Here Are the Character Changes News 0

News 0 Bandai Namco Entertainment has released a new Tekken 7 patch that’s out now on all platforms! Players should see this as Tekken 7 update 3.31, and while there’s no new content, there’s a lot of character changes. Check out the full Tekken 7 update 3.31 patch notes below. Tekken 7 update 3.31 patch notes: Character […]

Soulcalibur 6 Update 2.11 Rolled Out for PS4 News 0

News 0 While Soulcalibur 6 gamers just got the big v2.10 patch earlier this week that brought in Samurai Shodown’s Haohmaru, Bandai Namco has released Soulcalibur 6 update 2.11 on PS4. According to the Japanese website, Soulcalibur 6 update 2.11 is a PS4-only patch that has been rolled out to optimize network function. Yep, basically that’s it. […]

Code Vein Update 1.50 Brings New Gestures, Photo Mode Updates & More News 0

News 0 Bandai Namco Entertainment has released a new Code Vein patch today, and it brings a bunch of updates to the game, and more. Console gamers will see this as Code Vein update 1.50, and you can see the full Code Vein update 1.50 patch notes. Code Vein update 1.50 patch notes: Base Updates A new […]

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Update 1.06 Flies Out, Here’s What’s in It News 0

News 0 CyberConnect2 has released a new Dragon Ball Z Kakarot update, and it adds the Time Machine, and other stuff into the game! Players will see this as Dragon Ball Z Kakarot update 1.06 and below are the new stuff added into the game via the patch. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot update 1.06 patch notes: Added […]

Tekken 7 Fahkumram Release Date Set Set for Next Week News 0

News 0 Those looking forward to Fahkumram in Tekken 7, the wait is almost over! Bandai Namco Entertainment has finally announced the Tekken 7 Fahkumram release date and it’s set for March 24! Check out the announcement trailer below, which also showcases the new stage called the “Cave of Enlightenment.” Fierce Muay Thai fighters are the epitome […]

Tekken 7 Update 3.21 Slides Out, Here’s What Got Changed (Update) News 0

News 0 Two weeks ago, Bandai Namco released a Tekken 7 patch that while included gameplay changes, didn’t really address the LeRoy Smith issue the community has had since the character launched last year. Today, Tekken 7 update 3.21 has been released, and it seems to have nerfed the character! Tekken 7 update 3.21 patch notes: Yes, […]

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot File Size Revealed News 0

News 0 With Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot set to fly out in just a few short days, some might be wondering just how big of a download it’ll be, or how much harddisk space you’ll need for the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot file size. Well, we know now. Over on the PlayStation Store, it’s mentioned that it […]

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Character Progression Showcased in New Video News 0

News 0 If you need a break from the multitude of Dragon Ball Z fighting games out there, Bandai Namco Entertainment has released a new trailer for the action-RPG, and it features the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot character progression and how it works. Players will be able to cook and prepare food (Goku sure loves to eat), […]

Tekken 7 Update 3.11 Slides Out (Update) News 0

News 0 Bandai Namco Entertainment has sneakily released Tekken update 3.11 and it’s live now on all platforms! Clocking in at just 200MB on PS4, 154MB on PC, Tekken 7 update 3.1 does NOT nerf Leroy Smith as some might have hoped. Update: We’ve updated the post with the official Tekken 7 update 3.11 patch notes via […]

Code Vein Update 1.20 Bites Out, New Content and Fixes Included News 0

News 0 Bandai Namco Entertainment has released Code Vein update 1.20 today, and it brings Christmas-themed items, gameplay fixes and more. Check out the complete Code Vein update 1.20 patch notes below, along with screenshots of the new Christmas items. Code Vein update 1.20 patch notes: Additional body parameters for character creation mode Additional body parameters (height, […]

Tekken 7 Update 3.10 Punches Out, Here’s the Full Patch Notes News 0

News 0 With yesterday’s news that Tekken 7 will be getting two new characters in “Winter 2019” as part of Season Pass 3, Bandai Namco Entertainment has released Tekken 7 update 3.10 today on all platforms! While this patch contains the new fighters, they will be available starting tomorrow, December 10. Check out the full Tekken 7 […]

Tekken 7 Season Pass 3 Final Set of Fighters Showcased in New Trailers News 0

News 0 Those who own the latest Season Pass for Tekken 7, the Tekken 7 Season Pass 3 final set of fighters have been revealed, and with new trailers to showcase each! Rounding out the Tekken 7 Season Pass 3 roster are Ganryu, Fahkumram, and Leroy Smith! Each fighter is showcased in their own trailer that shows […]

New Tokyo Ghoul Trailer Shows Gameplay for Latest Entry in the Series News 0

News 0 The new Tokyo Ghoul trailer for Tokyo Ghoul: re CALL to EXIST shows brand new gameplay from the latest entry in the series. The trailer shows off which characters will be playable, those that will appear as bosses, and even some of the combat mechanics that will feature in the final release. Check out the […]

Dragon Ball Z Karakot Release Date Confirmed as January 17, 2020 News 0

News 0 The Dragon Ball Z Karakot release date has been confirmed by Bandai Namco Entertainment as January 17, 2020.The game is the latest in the Dragon Ball Z franchise, and will put players in the shoes of the character of the same name. In Dragon Ball Z Karakot players will take on the role of protagonist […]

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