Confirmed Ghost Recon Breakpoint Features Listed, Will Require Net Connection to Play

ghost recon breakpoint features

If you’re curious what differences and new features Ubisoft will introduce in Ghost Recon Breakpoint from Wildlands, you’re not the only one. While the gameplay we’ve seen did show us new items and whatnot, some might be wondering what the new Ghost Recon Breakpoint features will be that make it standout from its predecessor.

Thanks Reddit user WolverineKuzuri93, we have a short list of the confirmed Ghost Recon Breakpoint features that will be in the game based on the livestream reveal.

  • ~ More customization options such as bloused boots
  • ~ Tactical options such as cutting through fences and using the environment for camouflage
  • ~ Snap cover system
  • ~ Setting up a Bivouac camp to change class, gear and aesthetics
  • ~ Heavy weapons such as grenade launchers and rocket launchers
  • ~ Increased variety of military vehicles
  • ~ Squad interactions such as carrying downed allies
  • ~ More stealth mechanics such as hiding bodies and more variations of CQC takedowns
  • ~ A class system (presumably Assault, Explosives, Recon and Medic with more to come)
  • EDIT: Courtesy of u/Jesus_is_Alpharius confirmed classes are: Assault, Panther and Sniper.
  • ~ PVP available at launch
  • ~ Severe injury system that affects aim, movement and other gameplay interactions and requires bandages or field surgery
  • ~ Improved wildlife and terrain
  • ~ Improved terrain interactions such as sliding on slopes and climbing
  • ~ New gadgets such as smoke cover and synced shot drones
  • ~ Improved weapon aiming camera (automatic peaking etc.)
  • ~ New gadgets such as smoke cover and synced shot drones
  • ~ Improved weapon aiming camera (automatic peaking etc.)
  • ~ A melee slot and customization for melee weapons
  • ~ Customization for vehicles
  • ~ Needing to eat and stay hydrated to keep stats high
  • ~ Changing time of day from the Bivouac

Not a bad list, no? It definitely shakes up the Ghost Recon formula somewhat. Now on to the bad news. Over on Twitter, the official Breakpoint account confirmed that Ghost Recon Breakpoint offline play is NOT allowed. Nope, the game requires a ‘net connection to play just like The Division, and Rainbow Six Siege, which are both Ubisoft titles.

Make sure to check out this 13-minute video of Breakpoint gameplay to see what you’ll get to experience come this October 4. Those who’re interested in pre-ordering, here are the different editions of the game, with the higher tiered ones letting you play it early.

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4 years ago

No thanks, more Ubisoft forced online thrash.

4 years ago

Lots of toys… but no depth for real Teamwork and Strategy game play. I’m sure the kiddies will love it and will badger their parents to death to buy it for them for Xmas. I’m looking forward to skipping this one and saving my money too.

God… just remaster Battlefield 3 for the PS4 and lets get on with it!!

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