Cooler Master and D-Box Go Behind the Scenes With the Motion 1, the World’s First Haptic Gaming Chair

Motion 1 Haptic Gaming Chair

Cooler Master and D-Box are looking to shake up (literally) the gaming world as their joint venture into creating the world’s first haptic gaming chair seems to finally be a reality, with the Motion 1 making a big impression during this year’s GDC. 

Look, I have so many questions about this one, though that’s mostly because I firmly believe that haptic feedback will play a significant role in the future of gaming. PlayStation wowed me with the DualSense controller, proving it wasn’t just some gimmick. When a game truly used the feature, it made it feel more immersive than playing with a standard controller, so seeing haptics being adapted elsewhere in gaming excites me. However, when looking at the PS5 and its library of haptic-supported games, those titles are designed with haptics in mind. So it does beg, how is the Motion 1 planning to overcome that when most titles don’t have haptics in mind? 

That is where D-Box comes in, as they have been at the forefront of creating immersive experiences for the last 24 years. To date, they have crafted over 2500 D-Box encoded movies, tv shows, music, and games that are ready for the Motion 1 to take advantage of. And judging from some early reactions from those who attended GDC 2023, the Motion 1 is leaving quite a solid and positive impression. 

Racing games especially seem to benefit from the Motion 1’s haptic feedback, and we’d imagine pairing it with a VR headset would produce one of the most immersive experiences. 

Additional information about the Motion 1 Gaming Chair:

  • The Cooler Master Motion 1 is the world’s first haptic engine gaming chair developed in collaboration with DBOX
  • Motion 1 can produce more than 65,000 motion waves to create a sense of presence from what users see and hear in gaming and entertainment.
  • Designed for comfort: natural pivoting, rocking, reclining work with magnetic lumbar and headrests to deliver the latest ergonomics
  • Adaptive Audio and Adaptive Gaming Modes enable hyper-realistic immersiveness

Unfortunately, no release date has been set other than a Q4 pre-order launch, though from the information provided a few years ago, expect this to be a very expensive (+$1999) experience. This will certainly be one of those items targeted toward enthusiasts rather than the mass market. 

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