Could Old CoD Maps be Coming to Modern Warfare 3? – Name Changes of Liberation

Modern Warfare 3’s creative strategist, Robert Bowling, goes through the names Liberation once had, and shares his personal wish list of which old Call of Duty maps he would want to play in MW3.

Bowling explained that initially “Liberation was called Park,” remember the screenshot teaser. However, the name was changed based on fan feedback. Robert noted, “everyone said it’s a horrible f**king name. That’s the best you could come up with?” The team realized that the fans had “a solid point.” This led to changing the map’s name to ‘Central Park’. However, “the lawyers freaked out” over the legal ramifications, according to Robert Bowling during a Machinima live stream. Bowling went on to add, “I think, at the end of the day, we could have possibly called it Central Park,” but this wasn’t meant to be because the team behind Modern Warfare 3 decided to “give it a Call of Duty-esque name.”

Bowling commented on possible DLC drops other than maps and missions. The Call of Duty content calender highlights 20 drops, two of which are “classified” dropping in August and June. Bowling entertained the possibility of gun DLC. In terms of maps, back in November we reported on Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2 map files found in Modern Warfare 3. When Bowling was asked whether the team behind Modern Warfare 3 would bring any old maps back, he stated “I don’t know yet.” Bowling added that from a personal standpoint, he “would love to see CrossFire, Backlot, Favela, and [his] favorite two Call of Duty maps ever, Overgrown and Crash.” Interestingly, four of the maps Bowling mentioned are allegedly included in MW3’s map files.

What old maps would you like to see in future DLC?

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