Court Doc Reveals How Much Epic Games Paid Devs for Free Games

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With Epic Games launching the Epic Games Store digital storefront to combat Valve’s Steam platform, one of the main selling points for it are the free games Epic loves to give out every month.

In the court documents leaked due to the Apple vs. Epic Games lawsuit, one of the documents listed the amount Epic paid for each free game! You can check it out below.

Given how big Epic Games’ warchest is, don’t expect the flood of free games to stop even if it’s costing the company a pretty penny.

Surprised by the amount Epic paid for the free games or was it just enough?

Thanks, Simon Carless!

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4 thoughts on “Court Doc Reveals How Much Epic Games Paid Devs for Free Games

  1. 11.6 million. Peanuts for EPIC. Fortnite made 3.6 billion last year. In the first 2 years, it made more than 9 billion. So again, peanuts.

    1. How much did they pay for GTA v, that was given out free.

      1. I want to know how much SNK’s soul was worth when they betrayed players by making Samurai Shodown an EGS exclusive…since this is a free game’s list, then it could at least tell us how much they paid for the samurai shodown collection.

  2. The poor bastards who made RiME only received $45K, they should’ve played hardball when negotiating a price. This is egs, their stupid asses would have paid much more.

    To answer the author’s question, they did pay well on some, screwed over the rest. Which may have been good money for some of the smaller/poorer studios, but they still got screwed.

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