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Fortnite Crab, Fox and Llama Locations Revealed News 1

News 1 One of the new Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass challenges tasks players with finding three animal sculptures. These giant constructions are placed about the map, and require a lot of exploration to find… Well, they would require a lot of exploration to find, if not for the fact that other gamers have found them already, and documented […]

Fortnite Hand Cannon Stats: Just How Powerful Is The New Fortnite Weapon? News 0

News 0 The Fortnite hand cannon is now available for both Save the World and Battle Royale players to use. It’s an impressive bit of kit, which Epic Games describes as being “big,” “loud,” and “packs a punch.” Fortnite Hand Cannon Stats: Ammo Type, Rarity and Location The Fortnite hand cannon fires Heavy Ammo, and can be found in Epic and Legendary rarities. The weapon is […]

Fortnite 3.0.0 Is Live, Patch Notes Detail Big Improvements to Building & More News 0

News 0 The Fortnite 3.0.0 update is now live for players to enjoy! There’s a huge number of changes and improvements made with this patch, including 60fps across all console platforms, building improvements, a new hand cannon weapon, and more! Find the full list of “general” fixes, as well the tweaks made to Battle Royale, below: Fortnite 3.0.0 Patch Notes: […]

Fortnite Downtime: How Long Will Fortnite Servers Be Down? News 0

News 0 It looks like Fortnite downtime is occurring across all platforms, with the game’s subreddit and social media accounts being bombarded with reports from players. This unplanned downtime follows the two hours of scheduled maintenance, which implemented the Fortnite 3.0.0 update. Fortnite Downtime: How Long Will Fortnite Servers Be Down? It’s unclear how long the Fortnite downtime will last. Tweets from the game’s […]

Fortnite Skydiving Trails Look Awesome, Coming to Battle Pass Season 3 News 0

News 0 Fortnite Skydiving Trails are one of the many items coming with the Season 3 Battle Pass. There will be five different Skydiving FX Trails to earn. Check out the following tweet for a preview of what the Fortnite Skydiving Trails look like: Skydiving trails are so hot right now 🔥🔥🔥 #FNBRSeason3 — Fortnite (@FortniteGame) February 20, 2018 […]

Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass Breakdown Shows What’s Coming News 0

News 0 Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass gets more tiers! Epic Games has laid out the plans it has for Fortnite Season 3’s Battle Pass earlier today, and yep, the game has a lot of juice left to be squeezed. Not familiar with the Battle Pass? It’s Fortnite’s premium loot (read: paid) that lets members buy tiers […]

PUBG vs Fortnite? NFL Star JJ Watt Provokes Battle Royale War News 0

News 0 While both games do the whole battle royale thing pretty differently — PUBG is more hardcore and realistic, while Fortnite is cartoony and has building mechanics — both titles are insanely popular, and have built large communities of dedicated fans. And so it’s easy to see why arguments would break out over which game is better, even among grown […]

Huge Fortnite 1.43 Update (v.2.5.0) Rolls Out, Here’s the New Stuff News 1

News 1 Fortnite 1.43 update brings the content and the love for the Lunar Year. Fortnite players are in for a treat, as the big Fortnite 1.43 update (v. 2.5.0) update is out, and it’s a big one! Clocking in at 5.9GB on the PS4 version, the patch introduces the Impulse Grenade, Shrines and lots more. There’s […]

Fortnite Free Skin Now Available on PS4, Workaround Lets PC Players Access It Too News 0

News 0 If you’re hunting for a Fortnite free skin, you’ll be happy to learn that there’s currently a free cosmetic option available for PlayStation Plus subscribers. It can be found in the PlayStation Store. Happily, this skin can also be obtained by PC players who own a PS Plus subscription. Reddit user iProDaan confirmed that an Epic Games account […]

New AMD Driver Boosts PUBG and Fortnite FPS Performance News 0

News 0 A new AMD driver is now available for AMD graphics card owners to download and install. It aims to improve performance for Fortnite, PUBG, and Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Here are the specifics, provided by AMD: Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.2.2 Highlights Support For Kingdom Come: Deliverance™ Up to 3% faster performance using Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.2.2 on […]

Fortnite Upcoming Changes: 60fps on All Consoles, Matchmaking Improvements & More News 3

News 3 In the latest Fortnite Battle Royale “State of Development” blog post, Epic Games has detailed upcoming changes to the game. These include ongoing optimizations, server support, matchmaking improvements, and more. The most interesting upcoming feature, for me at least, is the announcement of 60fps coming to consoles later this month. Fortnite 60fps performance won’t be limited to just the PS4 […]

Fortnite Player Count Surpasses 3.4M Concurrent, Epic Games Explains Downtime Issues News 1

News 1 Despite the lengthy periods of downtime, the Fortnite player count keeps on rising, with a new milestone of over 3.4 million concurrent players active during last Saturday. (Yes, that’s the same weekend during which the game was experiencing problems!) Fortnite hit a new peak of 3.4 million concurrent players last Sunday… and that didn’t come without issues! […]

Fortnite Crossbow Damage: How Much Damage Does the Crossbow Do in Fortnite? News 1

News 1 The recent Fortnite 2.4.2 update implemented a number of big changes to the game, one of which is the addition of the new Fortnite crossbow. Many players have been finding the crossbow in chests, impressed by its ability to fire (almost) silent arrows. However, while silent weapons are cool, does the suppression come at a damage cost? Here’s the answer […]

Fortnite 2.4.2 Update Is Now Live, Patch Notes Detail Valentine’s Day Celebrations News 0

News 0 Downtime for the Fortnite 2.4.2 update has now ended, and all players will be able to boot up the game and matchmake without worry. Gameplay will now be considerably shaken up, what with all of the new features included in the Fortnite 2.4.2 update. The @FortniteGame Twitter account confirmed that services have been restored: Make way! We’re back and V.2.4.2 […]

Fortnite Matchmaking Disabled: Why Is Fortnite Matchmaking Temporarily Disabled? News 0

News 0 Those attempting to play Fortnite today will find themselves disappointed, as Fortnite matchmaking disabled errors are affecting all players. This is due to scheduled maintenance, which has no specified ending time. Hold tight, as once servers are up again, you’ll be able to enjoy the goodies bundled with the Fortnite 2.4.2 update! Fortnite Matchmaking Disabled: Why Is Fortnite Matchmaking Temporarily Disabled? In […]

Fortnite Minigun Stats Revealed: DPS, Fire Rate, Range, Reload Time, Impact & More News 1

News 1 The meta of Fortnite Battle Royale has been shaken up with the introduction of the new minigun. This weapon packs a serious punch, especially against enemy cover. To best understand the weapon, it’s a good idea to study the Fortnite minigun stats, which we’ve included below: Fortnite Minigun Stats Ammo – Light Bullets Damage – 16 DPS – 192 […]

Fortnite Future Updates 2.5.0, 3.0.0 & 3.1.0 Detailed in New Roadmap News 0

News 0 Epic Games has allowed us a peek at the Fortnite future updates development roadmap, giving us a preview of what patches 2.5.0, 3.0.0, and 3.1.0 will include. Fortnite 2.5.0 Update (~2/14) Valentine’s Event Special Valentine’s questline – A Love Story, told the Fortnite way. 😉 Valentine’s-themed Heroes Cupid Crossbow New reactive quest type Opt-In Difficulty increase for […]

Fortnite 2.4.1 Update to Fix Screen Size Issue & Increase Backend Service Efficiency News 1

News 1 Epic Games is rolling out the Fortnite 2.4.1 update to fix screen size issues, which many players are experiencing. The patch is now available on both PC and PS4, and required no downtime to be implemented. Here’s the short list of Fortnite 2.4.1 patch notes: This is to fix a resolution problem that was making the screen seem stretched […]

Fortnite 2.4.0 Update Is Finally Live, Adds Minigun to Battle Royale, Cozy Campfire to Save the World & More News 0

News 0 Fortnite 2.4.0 Update Is Finally Live, Adds Minigun, Cozy Campfire & More The Fortnite 2.4.0 update is finally live, and rolling out to PS4, Xbox One, and PC users. Download and install the patch to access all of the new content and improvements. Here’s the full list of Battle Royale changes: BATTLE ROYALE WEAPONS – MiniGun Found […]

Fortnite Minigun Update Time Delayed, Epic Games Talks Building Mechanics Changes News 0

News 0 Fortnite Minigun Update Time Delayed, Epic Games Talks Building Changes It seems Epic Games still has a case of the hiccups, with the Fortnite minigun update time being delayed. There’s no clear ETA, either, which means players could be waiting a long while until they can finally wield the minigun weapon. The silver lining here is the […]

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