Crash Team Rumble Season 1 Roadmap Revealed; New Gameplay Trailer Races Out

crash team rumble roadmap

Toys for Bob’s revealed a new trailer for Crash Team Rumble. Revealed at the Summer Game Fest, the Crash Team Rumble Season 1 roadmap and trailer gives us new looks at the gameplay, in addition to new details as to what fans can expect from Team Rumble’s first season.

Crash Team Rumble Season 1 Roadmap:

Crash Team Rumble Season 1 will go live on June 20, and run until September 2. It will add loads of new content including:

  • New Heroes (Ripperoo and N.Gin)
  • New Power
  • New Limited Time Mode

Crash Team Rumble roadmap

Crash Team Rumble roadmap teases a second season as well, with new maps, heroes, and powers. However, all of the content of Season 2 is hidden under “?”. Presumably, Season 2 goes live right after Season 1 ends on September 2 but the roadmap has the date as “coming soon” so it might be subject to change.

There’s also a new trailer out today as well:

The trailer showcases multiple characters, maps, and modes that players can check out on day one. It also features different costumes for each character, allowing gamers to add a more personalized touch to their hero in Team Rumble.

Players will be able to “collect the wumpas” and “get the W” when Crash Team Rumble races out on June 20 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. You can pre-order the game right now through this link.

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