Crysis Social Media Reactivates, Hints at New Crysis Game or Remaster

new crysis game

Remember Crysis? Crytek’s fantastic-looking shooter that wowed everyone when it was released way back in 2007? Well, it seems we might be getting a new Crysis game or a remaster news soon if the game’s social media account is anything to go by.

Today, the official Crysis Twitter account came back to life after four years of hibernation. What did it say? Nothing official other than “RECEIVING DATA” which probably means we’re getting fresh news soon!

While this doesn’t mean a new Crysis game is confirmed or we’re getting a remaster, we do have this bit to chew on. Reddit user  ContributorX_PJ64 posted this in October last year, where the official Crytek video shown below has a few Crysis teasers near the end.

The marked section showcasing the teasers has the following bits of info:

  • The trailer suddenly starts playing First Light by Inon Zur. This is the music that plays in the original Crysis when you walk up out of the jungle and gaze over the cove as the sun is rising. This music belongs to Electronic Arts. EA have the copyright for all Crysis assets.
  • There’s a turtle, because of course there is.
  • The camera rises out of the jungle and gazes out over a cove blatantly reminiscent of that from Crysis.
  • Then the nanosuit “crunching” sound plays (sounds like Crysis 3 variant), and the camera cuts to black, with a new actor saying, “CRYENGINE” in the nanosuit voice.

Again, this is no way official news of a Crysis remaster or a new title in the series, but you got to admit, the tweet and this one when combined together leads one to assume a few things, no?

For reference, the last Crysis game released was Crysis 3 way back in 2013, which was reviewed favorably by critics and feature both single-player and multiplayer components.

As someone who liked the Crysis brand of multiplayer, I can’t wait to hear more about this.

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