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Crysis and Crysis 2 PC Multiplayer Support Ends on May 31 With GameSpy Closure News 5

News 5 It’s time to hop on out of that Nanosuit. Crysis and Crysis 2 multiplayer support will be shutting down on PC by the end of next month. On their official forums, Developer Crytek writes that the closure of GameSpy’s online matching client will affect the multiplayer of both titles on the PC. Crysis 3, along with the […]

GameSpy Shutting Down Hosting Services End of May News 22

News 22 GameSpy, an online matchmaking client hosting a number of online multiplayer games, will be shutting down as of May 31, owners Glu Mobile recently announced. “Effective May 31, 2014, GameSpy will cease providing all hosted services for all games still using GameSpy,” the company said in a statement. “If you have any questions about how this impacts […]

Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale Underway, Check Out What’s On Sale News 12

News 12 Get ready to break out your wallets, as Xbox Live is set to have a week long sale for a good handful of games, starting this week. The sale includes the likes of titles such as Borderlands 2, Gears Of War: Judgement, Crysis and many more. Check out the list below of the games that […]

The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3 – Final Episode: “End of Days” News 5

News 5 In collaboration with Crytek and EA, director Albert Hughes brings us the last and final episode of The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3, a series built entirely on in-game assets using the CryENGINE 3. With Crysis 3‘s official release only a few days away, The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3 is a series of gameplay videos shot in […]

Crysis 3 – Sharp Dressed Man Commercial and More Community Unlocks News 16

News 16 Yesterday, Crytek announced Crysis 3’s first multiplayer double XP event to take place during the first weekend after its launch on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC this February 19. Fans were to “like” and “share” various pages in order to earn more double XP, as well as to unlock a bonus mystery item. […]

Crysis 3 Multiplayer – Earn Up To 72 Hours of Double XP on Opening Weekend News 29

News 29 Next week on February 19, Crysis 3 launches on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. To celebrate, Crytek is holding the first ever Crysis 3 double XP multiplayer event during the launch weekend. How long the even lasts is up to you. Crytek wants you to share this Facebook post for up to 72 […]

Crytek on Crysis 4: “We Have So Many Different Ways We Can Go” News 10

News 10 Crysis 3 is still in beta, but Crytek Producer Mike Read is already talking Crysis 4. Speaking to VG247, Read said that while the team is already getting amped up for Crysis 4, they’re first looking forward to a much needed break after the release of Crysis 3. “We’re still at very early stages with things,” […]

Origin Sale – Get Battlefield 3 Or Crysis 2 Maximum Edition For $12, And More News 16

News 16 Origin is holding yet another sale, putting some notable first-person shooters at a discounted price, along with many other titles. Both Battlefield 3 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 are now more than half off, while both Crysis and Crysis 2 see some heavy price cuts as well. The sale lasts until January 28 at 9:59 AM PST, so […]

Crysis 4 Might Not Be a First-Person Shooter News 23

News 23 What if I told you the next Crysis game might not be a first-person shooter? According to Crytek producer Michael Elliot Read, it’s still up in the air. In an interview with Dusty Cartridge, Read said, “Crysis was always intended to be a trilogy and I think that over that time we’ve built a really cool […]

Crysis Digital Download Included In Every Copy of Crysis 3 Hunter Edition News 11

News 11 Those pre-ordering the Crysis 3 Hunter Edition for either the PC, Xbox 360 or PS3 for its February 2013 release can look forward to some extra goodies. Not only will players be granted day-one access to the Predator bow plus the Hunter Nanosuit module in Crysis 3’s multiplayer, but also a free journey into the […]

PSN Summer Sale Starts July 6, Includes Killzone 3 MP, Gotham City Impostors, and More News 8

News 8 PSN Summer Sale 2012 has been detailed, and will go live on Tuesday, July 3rd. Eleven PSN games will be discounted at 30% off for all PSN users, or 50% off for PlayStation Plus members. The sale lasts until July 9th, and includes the multiplayer edition of Killzone 3, Gotham City Impostors, Shadow of the Colossus, and Crysis. […]

[Updated] Crysis 3 Listings Leaked on Origin, Official Announcement to be Made April 16th News 17

News 17 Update: Crytek recently stated on their official Twitter account, “The best kept secret in shooters just can’t be contained. Stay tuned for more information on April 16.” Original Story: Rumors have been stirring this past month that a third (numbered) entry into the Crysis series is in the works under German-based developers Crytek. Thanks to […]

Crysis 2 – Double XP Weekend Inbound News 3

News 3 As a last “hurrah” before the release of Crysis on Consoles, Crytek is hitting the switch on another double XP weekend for Crysis 2 multiplayer across all platforms.   Double XP will be available from September 23 at 12:00 pm BST/3:00 am PST to September 26 at 11:00 am BST/2:00am PST. Are you excited for […]

Community in Crysis – What Crysis 2 Could Have Been News 9

News 9 “Achieved with CryEngine 3.” This is the slogan Crytek adopted since the birth of their latest gaming engine, the CryEngine 3. Their goal in mind was to set a new standard for multi-platform games on the current generation of consoles, and they aimed to do this with their latest title in the Crysis franchise, Crysis […]


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