Crystal Dynamics Dev: Marvel’s Avengers Next Hero to Be Added Will Be “New,” “Lots of Heroes to Add”

Marvel's Avengers Next Hero

In case you didn’t know, Crystal Dynamics just released a new character in Marvel’s Avengers with The Mighty Thor Jane Foster this past week. If you’re a bit disappointed that Jane Foster is very similar to Thor, and how Kate Bishop was a lot similar to Hawkeye, then you’ll be know that the Marvel’s Avengers next hero to be added will be “new” according to Crystal Dynamics!

Over on Twitter, Marvel’s Avengers Design Lead Brian Waggoner answered a fan who said they would love if players had a new style of character added, to which Waggoner replied, “next hero is new” along with a smile emoji.

If that wasn’t good news enough, Waggoner also announced that he’s excited for the future, and that there are “lots of heroes to add” tot he Marvel’s Avengers world, and there are more stories to tell, too!

This is very comforting news for Marvel’s Avengers players, since this confirms a new hero is in the cards. Crystal Dynamics has already announced that a new OLT (Omega Level Threat) is incoming, which is connected to the Cloning Lab, so players have new endgame content and new heroes to look forward to officially now.

While Crystal Dynamics has already confirmed that we’ll be seeing new content beyond The Mighty Thor, fans can also expect title updates (smaller ones) to be released before the next big patch.

These patches will likely focus on bug fixes and other quality of life improvements more than adding new content, but it’s nice to hear that they are planned.

While we are getting new content in the future, don’t expect the rollout to be as quick as title update 2.4 to 2.5 (The Mighty Thor).

While we don’t know which character is coming to the game, a report surfaced last year that mentioned She-Hulk was set to stomp her way into the game.

If you’re a Marvel’s Avengers fan, it seems there’s a lot more new stuff coming your way soon. Once we know more, MP1st will report on the new content, leaks and patches. Make sure to bookmark our Marvel’s Avengers game hub to see the latest news as it happens.

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