Cloud9 Become First North American CS:GO Team to win Major Championship

Cloud9 has become the first North American Counter Strike: Global Offensive team to win Valve’s Major championship, beating out the favored European superteam FaZe Clan to claim the title.

Many fans of CS:GO were left on the edge of their seat as Cloud9 mounted an incredible journey to finals, a feat only achieved once before in 2016, before managing to pull off a win against the team that was expected to take first place, FaZe Clan. In doing so, Cloud9 have shown that North American teams should no longer be considered below European teams in terms of skill, a long-held belief by many.

Cloud9 will take home a hefty sum of $500k in prize money, immense bragging rights, and will be put down as the first North American team in CS:GO to win a major championship. If you’d like to watch the heart-pounding action because you missed it, or you want to relive the spectacular moment, you can check out the highlights here.

Source: Reddit

Photo via Jamie Villanueva, Jr

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