Cuphead Update 1.05 Adds New Minor Features & Fixes in Patch 1.3.4

Cuphead Update 1.05

Studio MDHR has fired out Cuphead update 1.05 (dev version 1.3.4) and this adds quality of life features alongside various fixes to the shoot-’em-up. Read on for what’s new in the official Cuphead August 19 (August 20 for non-US peeps) patch notes.

Cuphead Update 1.05 Patch Notes | Cuphead Update 1.3.4 Patch Notes | Cuphead August 20 Patch Notes:

Hi there pals!
Just a quick update for everyone this time — we’ve now pushed live a small quality of life patch that sneaks in a few additional fixes for our Delicious Last Course expansion. Foremost among them, we’ve added in a feature that has been highly requested since the launch of DLC…the ability to swap back and forth between the new title screen and the original Cuphead title screen! This includes a change in the song that will play when you boot up the game, and is accessible from the “Visuals” section of the Options menu.We hope you have a swell time with this new update!

  • Added ability to choose between DLC and Original title screens (including their respective
    songs) in the Options menu under “Visuals” (note: certain game conditions will temporarily
    override user selection).
  • Fixed rare issue with Boatman dialogue being triggered after fast travelling.
  • Added ability to undo wishes.
  • Fixed localization issues.
  • Fixed minor animation issues.
  • Fixed minor audio issues.
Source: Steam

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