Daily Battlefield 1 Game Mode Rotation Starts Today

battlefield 1 game mode

If you’re a Battlefield 1 player and you want to keep things fresh, DICE is doing just that with a daily Battlefield 1 game mode rotation. Beginning today, and running from Monday to Friday of each week, Battlefield 1 will be getting different modes to keep things jumping.

This was announced by DICE Producer Jaqub Ajmal over on Twitter, where he also shared that today’s mode rotation starts with Conquest on Turning Tides!

Players can expect the daily BF1 game mode switch ups to happen at 9 a.m. CET (4 a.m. ET).  This game mode refresh is particularly helpful for those playing Battlefield 1 and want to experience something different each day. Given the situation we’re in now globally with the COVID-19 pandemic, playing video games might just be one of the safest ways to entertain ourselves with friends.

What game mode do you want to see in Battlefield 1 come back? Let DICE know your thoughts and who knows, they might just do it.

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