Danger Close Reveals Medal of Honor: Warfighter Xbox 360 Beta Stats and Updates

With the Medal of Honor: Warfighter Xbox 360 beta at an end, it’s time to find out what exactly both the community and development team have accomplished within the 10 days of testing.

While Danger Close was busy making adjustments and fine tuning the gameplay, the community, on the other hand, seems to have been occupied with attempted tomahawk and UAV kills. Check out all the stats and updated below, as seen on the Battlelog.


  • 2.5 billion shots fired
  • 79,788 platoons created
  • 1.8 million tomahawk kills
  • Over 30,000 UAV kills

Updates/Bug Fixes

  • Fallback Spawn – multiple improvements were made to lower the odds of spawning in front of an enemy.
  • Weapon Tuning – some weapon tuning and class ability tuning has been implemented, mostly around the Spec Ops and Demolitions classes.
  • Control Sensitivity – adjusting sensitivity is now more precise.
  • Blackhawk Spawn – enemies near the Blackhawk now show up on the minimap to alleviate spawn camping.
  • Jammer Clipping – clearance is now required before this ability can be activated in order to prevent pushing through collision.
  • Kill-Feed Delay – this has been sped up in order for the text to appear more closely to real-time.
  • Menu Navigation – Streamlined, including quick weapon changes and easier navigation.
  • My Gun – now saves from the menus and can be taken into the game properly.
  • Stability – many crashes encountered during the MP Beta have been addressed and improvements have been made to minimize the number of mid-round disconnects.

Don’t forget to check out our interview with Danger Close to find out their game plan from now until release!

What are your final impressions of the Medal of Honor: Warfighter beta? Let us know in the comments below.

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