Dauntless 2021 Roadmap Outlines What’s Coming this Spring and Summer

Dauntless 2021 Roadmap Spring and Summer

A new season of Dauntless just launched, bringing with it a massive amount of new content for players to experience. While no doubt many will be busy with the new seasonal hunt, developers Pheonix Labs have also outlined Dauntless 2021 Roadmap for the Spring and Summer months, giving us a sneak peak at even more content!

Dauntless 2021 Roadmap for Spring and Summer

Dauntless 2021 Roadmap

Available now, Dauntless 1.6.0 Update – Read the Full Changelog Here: Dauntless Update 1.50 for April 8 for Infinite Radiance Season

    • Wound and War Pike Rework
    • Trials Leaderboard Rework
    • Time Strike Hunt Pass
    • Reward Cache and Challenges
    • Primal Behemoths in the Hunting Grounds
    • Faction: Past in Slayers Path

April 22 Dauntless 1.6.1 Update

  • Bugs Fixes and Quality of Life Updates

May 6 Dauntless 1.6.2 Update (Big Update)

  • Portal to Keystone Behemoths in the Hunting Grounds
  • Elder Behemoths in the Hunting Grounds
  • Ability to Directly Forge Aethersparks into Aetherhearts
  • Faction: Future in Slayer Path

May 22 Dauntless 1.6.3 Update (Big Update)

  • Radiant Behemoth
  • New Radiant Island in the Hunting Grounds
  • Radiant Legendary Weapon, Cell, and Armour
  • New Hunt Pass

That’s all the details we have for now on Dauntless 2021 roadmap for the Spring and Summer months. Be sure to check back here in the next few weeks for details on the April 22 update, and also back in May when the next major patches are set to release. Till then, happy hunting!

Source: Press Release

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