David Jaffe Explains Why He Didn’t Want An Online Pass For Twisted Metal

In a recent lengthy video, David Jaffe goes into detail as to why he didn’t want an Online Pass for Twisted Metal.

David Jaffe explains that he isn’t against online passes at all like people have been making him out to be. The reason why he didn’t want one for Twisted Metal was because he wanted to treat the game as if it were a new IP. Meaning that he wanted to build the community back up to what it once was before, catering both to the hardcore fans and building a whole new fan base for the game. The main idea was to rebuild the brand. If Sony ever wanted to do a sequel to Twisted Metal, then David Jaffe would support an online pass for it. Even if it meant loosing money on the first title, they know that there would be enough support and big enough fanbase to do an Online pass for the next title.

On the topic of used game sales. When people buy used copies, developers/publishers lose money for that copy. However, this brings in new fans to the series, which for them is a very positive thing.

Twisted Metal is set to release February 14th in North America and February 17th in Europe. Be sure to read about the latest Twisted Metal news.

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