Days Gone Update 1.81 Sneaks Out This December 17

Days Gone Update 1.81

Bend Studios has sneakily released the Days Gone update 1.81 patch this December 17, which is a small download. Don’t expect any new major content addition to this. Check out what’s new with today’s Days Gone title update down below.

Days Gone Update 1.81 Patch Notes:

Update – Per some users reports, this update appears to address some “raised blacks” level issues on OLED and other TV sets, making them appear normal. For those unaware of this issue, this is where the black coloring on a screen would appear gray or brighter as the pixels don’t get completely shutoff. A scene that should be pitch dark is emitting a high amount of light. The community knows this as raised blacks or lifted blacks. It can be a rather annoying issue as it will cause saturation where are other sources in the scene. Take a movie running in letterbox, the light emitted from the black bars will affect the scene within it.

Of course we will need more confirmation that this was indeed fixed. It may also vary from TV set to set.

Original Story:

Currently, Bend Studios has not released the official patch notes, though we’re assuming that will change throughout the day. On the PS4’s update history, all it says is “bug fixes” which is the norm for the PS4’s update history games changelogs.

What’s new recently for the game is the Community Feature 2021 which you can check out below.

The studio also tweeted out a Christmas card featuring Deacon and other characters.

Currently, the community is baffled with the title update as well. In case you’re curious, here’s the small list of fixes the studio rolled out in the latest patch released before today, which was back in October:

Performance Improvements

· Various crash fixes

· General improvements to stability and optimization

Progression Blockers

· Addressed multiple mission blockers

· Fixed blocker where you can get locked in Iron Mike’s cabin in mission “Riding Nomad

Once we have the official patch notes, we’ll be sure to update the post. If anyone spots any gameplay-related or technical stuff that got rolled out, leave a comment below to let us know.

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1 year ago

Nothing for the relentless CTD, etc. for Bend’s PC port, eh?!

Yeah, we’ll remember that how Bend’s silence was and its treatment towards PC gamers, IF, they are assigned a new game, especially IF it comes to PC. 👎

John Simons
Reply to  Vincent
1 year ago

You done crying?

Reply to  Vincent
1 year ago

console players: *gets ignored in multiple major titles for decades*

PC players: *not being the first priority in a playstation “exclusive” game* We’Re OpPrEsSeD!!!

Just chill bud…

1 year ago

Glad to see them still updating the game, even after PlayStation screwed them over. I hope they can work things out for a sequel.

Reply to  samgee500
1 year ago

They weren’t “screwed over” or whatever the hell your going on about….I hate to break it to you but games go through several pitches before anything gets a green light and NO they didn’t need some online connected universe garbage. Not everything needs to be co-op or have Dark Souls like MP or even MP in general tied into a campaign, their pitch was awful.

Reply to  Ryan
1 year ago

What? Days Gone has literally none of the gameplay elements you’ve mentioned. I have no idea what you’re on about.

Keith Cha
1 year ago

Does anyone know how to open the locked door the mission where deacon and skizzo go to a warehouse with a bunch of adolescent freakers lives and at the end skizzo betrays you to the rippers

Reply to  Keith Cha
1 year ago

Kill all newts, go inside the house and search for key both floors. It is hidden in one of the locker. Use your Survival sense to find the other goodies too.

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