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Days Gone Update 1.70 October 28 Rides Out, Weighs in at 25GB News 1

News 1 Continuing down the line of PlayStation exclusives getting a patch, Days Gone update 1.70 October 28 patch has been released and its a rather big update. Related Reading: Days Gone Review – A Whole New Freaker World On the PS4 revision history, the only known notes are that this update is to resolve some various […]

Days Gone Review – A Whole New Freaker World Reviews 0

Reviews 0 The world has changed. No longer populated by normal humans, but instead creatures. Freakers people call them. They’re vicious, vile, full of rage and move in numbers. These are not the typical zombies we’ve come to expect. These are living, mutated people. They eat, they sleep, and they feed on anything and everything. They have […]