DayZ Creative Director Joins DayZ Creator Dean Hall for a “Massive” New Survival Project

dean hall

In case you didn’t know, the original idea man behind DayZ was former Bohemian Interactive developer Dean “Rocket” Hall. While he’s already set up shop in a new studio called RocketWerkz, it seems another DayZ dev is joining him, and that’s the former Creative Director of DayZ, Brian Hicks.

This was announced by Hall over on Twitter, where he also shared that Hicks will be an Executive Producer at the studio.

Super excited to announce today is the FIRST DAY that I am back working with the amazing @Hicks_206. He has joined @rocketwerkz as our Executive Producer on our massive (unannounced) survival game. We are about to start a play test! Incredible to be back working with you again!

Aside from releasing space station sim Stationeers and its sequel, and a VR game titled Out of Ammo, Dean Hall has left the survival genre he created alone. Well, it seems that’s about to change soon, though we don’t know where the studio is in the development stage.

If both devs’ history is any indication, this survival game will be multiplayer-focused, and will most likely be released on PC in early access form. The big question here is: will people embrace another survival game at this stage, though? We’ll know for sure once the studio formally announces their “massive” survival game.


Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

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