DayZ Standalone May Arrive as Early as November, According to Creator, More on Update Process

According to creator Dean “Rocket” Hall, you may not be disappointed in expecting a standalone version of DayZ as early as this November.

“I think we’ve got a winner here,” he recently told VG247 in an interview. He continued, “but it’s been challenging. It’s a slower development than I’d like, and while that’s not going to affect the release date, it is going to affect how ambitious we can be with the actual content.”

Does this mean this standalone version, also rumored to arrive on consoles, will not come as jam-packed with content as originally expected? Hall explains, “Well you know, I guess I never really thought we’d get things like construction into the standalone at launch. I’d prefer things to go faster, but that’s just game development.”

I think the most important thing is we deal with hacking, bugs, duping, new content, tidy up some of the features and expand them a bit. I think if we can get that base – by the end of November or December – then that means January and February will be really happy, fun times.”

It was originally announced that this DayZ standalone would see expansion and growth in a similar matter to Mojang’s highly-popular sandbox-builder Minecraft. Hall elaborates, “We have to get that initial alpha out and whenever we want to push out a build we can pretty much push that. We’ve been talking about having three builds. First is an internal build – one that is just available for the development team.”

“Then a recommended build – like a beta testing build that’s available for the community, where they can try new updates before they come out. Then the final build, so that’s how we’re going to be taking things forward.”

Hall also likened the frequency of updates to the way Minecraft has been handled, stating, “Code-wise, the updates will be quite well planned – like Minecraft updates ended up being with update Fridays and all that. I think with content, the content will come out as it’s done. I think if it’s done and it’s tested, we’ll roll it out. We have an art cell as well, and we say to them, ‘we want this done’. So they go away and they are very agile, they decide how they’re going to do it. They manage themselves and produce the content.”

Hopefully, we’ll be able to get our hands on the standalone version of this unique zombie-survival experience this November. Until then, let us know how excited you are for its release in the comments below!

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