DayZ: Origins – A New Arma II Zombie Mod Based On DayZ

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While PC gamers out there await patiently for the DayZ standalone title, an Arma II PC modder has released a new Mod based on DayZ known as “Origins”.

Like the title suggests, Origins is meant to tell the back story of the DayZ outbreak (not officially). Featured on a modified community map, “Taviana,” this new Mod features an island called “Salvation City.” It is here where the rich have taken refuge from the outbreak. Surrounded by walls and protected by elite mercenaries, getting in this city will be no easy task, though if you do, you’ll have top chance to find some incredible loot.

These are the features added to the mods:

New and Enhanced Day/Night cycle (Smooth transition every 4 hours cycle): For more dynamic and immersive gameplay.


Patient Zero: A unique mutated Super zombie. Capturing / killing this zombie might have the cure for the zombie infection.


Survivor-made vehicles: Cars / helicopters / rafts / quad bikes and more

New Twist: Yotopia (Salvation City), the last human standing city where the society elites and the rich still live away from the infection –  protected by high walls and the world’s top trained elite mercenaries.

Persistent Survivor levelling based on the newly introduced Humanity system. Players start with a level a survivor with persistent levelling up. Players lose 1 level each time they die.



Gameplay Changes

Think Twice before shooting the next survivor you see. Resources on the main land are getting more scarce while “Salvation City” is rich with weapons and supplies. You cannot just walk there alone unless you have a death wish, however. You should team up and down the guards.

Every level enjoys new survivor/bandit outfit (24 in total).

Taviana 3.0 Map: DayZ Origins takes place on fully re-worked 600 Km2 Taviana Island 3.0 featuring over 60 new enterable building types, (hospitals, train stations, commercial districts, police stations, ports, military stations, museums and much more) with polished interiors and exteriors with highly detailed and carefully designed textures.

Future planned features for next patch of Origins :

  • New Car parts loot: Different engine parts types, Tiers and additional car parts that effect survivor made vehicles looks, speed, power, sounds and durability.
  • Base construction tools.
  • Additional “New” mutated zombie Types.
  • Adding “Salvation Army” Raids to the main land scavenging for supplies.
  • Rest in tent feature: Survivors can build special tents to rest during night to recover health and store more supplies.
  • Hero / Bandit Female Models.
  • Improvements to Player levels effecting survivors Health / speed

You’ll be able to download the mod from the official mod page.

Thanks, PCGamer.