DayZ – PS3 and Xbox 360 Version Depends On PC Success, Creator Meeting With Console Developers

Well, it seems that all you guys who have been asking for the popular Arma 2 DayZ Mod to come over to console may indeed get your wish.

Speaking with Joystiq, Dean Hall, the creator of DayZ has come out to say that he would like to see the Mod make it to console one day. He stated that this would all depend on how well the standalone PC version does, however.

“You’re not going to put it on the consoles if you’re only going to sell 100,000 units or something like that,” he told Joystiq. “DayZ will be driven by its PC development and it will innovative on that. And, once we’re at a point, we’ll take it and do a Mac version, 360 and PS3.”

This is understandable for if a game does poorly on PC, they are taking a huge risk releasing it on console. Dean didn’t reveal anything about who would be developing it for console, but he did say that they are meeting at Gamescom and discussing the possibility of it coming to consoles. Be aware though, that even if the PC version does sell tremendously, that is still not a confirmation that the game will hit consoles.

Would you play DayZ on consoles?

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