DayZ Racks Up 150,000 Early Access Copies Sold In First 24 Hours of Release

DayZ has racked up over 150,000 copies sold on Steam within it’s first 24 hour of release. That’s over $4.5 million in gross earnings on its first day.

Without much warning, Bohemia Interactive launched the standalone version of DayZ into alpha yesterday, quickly gaining the attention and support of hardcore zombie-survival fans around the world, as well as lovers of the original Arma 2 mod.

Today, DayZ developer Peter Nespesny announced the studio’s progress so far, stating the the game has sold over 150,000 digital early access copies on Steam within its first 24 hours of release as well as achieving 34,235 online players at one point.

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 6.07.47 PM

You can join in on the zombie-slaying fun by checking out the game’s official page on Steam right here.

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