DayZ Update 1.04 Patch Notes Listed, Update Now Out on All Platforms

dayz update 1.04 patch notes

Those playing Bohemia Interactive’s survival game DayZ, there’s a HUGE DayZ update out now for all platforms, and it brings in a host of new content, and a lot of game tweaks and fixes. According to Bohemia, the size and scope of the patch necessitated a complete server and character wipe, so players will need to go back out into the wild, and start a new life (character). The full DayZ update 1.04 patch notes are below.

DayZ update 1.04 patch notes:

The 1.04 Platform Update of DayZ on Xbox and PlayStation is now live. This update is a combination of the 1.03 and 1.04 updates. The comprehensive new update brings you an expansion of the disease system and gives purpose to several medical items. On the combat side, we’ve added two new assault rifles from the trusty KA family, the factory-suppressed VSS, as well as an arsenal of grenades as survivors discover their ability to throw items. Furthermore the update includes NVGs and the Universal Flashlight to your Tactical Helmet, and two brand new belt models! Moreover, the infected have upgraded as well!



  • Added: Ability to browse and join private servers
  • Added: Localization for traditional and simplified Chinese
  • Added: Japanese localization
  • Added: Polish localization
  • Added: New vehicle Gunter 2 with its attachments
  • Added: VSS rifle with its attachments
  • Added: KA-74 with attachments
  • Added: KA-101 with attachments
  • Added: Bayonets for KA, M4-A1, Mosin 91/30 and SK 59/66
  • Added: P1-87-L Scope
  • Added: Backup Iron Sights (BUIS)
  • Added: Baraka sights
  • Added: PSO-1-1 Scope, designed for the VSS rifle
  • Added: 5.45x39mm ammunition
  • Added: 9×39 ammunition
  • Added: 9×39 armor-piercing ammunition
  • Added: Tracer ammunition (5.45×39, 5.56×45, 7.62×39, 7.62x54R, .308WIN)
  • Added: Firearms Melee Attacks with pistols, buttstocks, and bayonets
  • Added: Independent shoulders (possibility to carry two ranged/melee weapons at the same time)
  • Added: Throwing of items
  • Added: Grenades (EGD-5 and 6-M7 frag grenades, 1-M8 and EGD-2 smoke grenades, 8-M4 Flashbang)
  • Added: Night Vision Goggles (NVG)
  • Added: NVG head strap
  • Added: NVG can be attached to Tactical Helmet
  • Added: Universal Flashlight can be attached to Tactical Helmet
  • Added: Hand saw
  • Added: 4-dial Combination Lock
  • Added: Strawberry Jam
  • Added: Handheld Transceiver and Glow Stick attachments on backpacks
  • Added: “You are here” marker on each tourist trail map stand
  • Added: Quantity bar for energy based items and fireplace
  • Added: Baseball/nailed bat
  • Added: Sounds for death animations
  • Added: Sounds for suicide animations
  • Added: Lock/unlock sound for doors
  • Added: Sounds for prone animation with a rifle in hands
  • Added: One male and one female character sound set
  • Added: Different character sounds when wearing certain headgear (e.g Combat Gas Mask, Motorbike Helmet)
  • Added: Character sounds for male characters wearing a gag
  • Added: Player can hear his voice when talking through a megaphone, PAS (when receiver is nearby) or transmitter (when more than one on the same frequency nearby)
  • Added: Positional rain sounds for the Coal Plant
  • Added: Wooden Crate (crafted)
  • Added: Sliding down a ladder without gloves (or ruined gloves) can cause a bleeding source, gloves receive damage
  • Added: Music in the Main Menu
  • Added: Vomit emote/gesture
  • Added: Mitigation of so-called server hopping on public hives (when a player changes server, a hopping spawn point is used instead of the last log off position)
  • Added: Support for multiple sets of player spawn points (only for public hives, currently fresh and hop sets available)
  • Added: Fever now causes dehydration
  • Added: Epinephrine restores the patients’ stamina to its max value
  • Added: Codeine Pills mitigate the patients’ injured state for a limited time
  • Added: Morphine suppresses the patients’ injured state for a limited time
  • Added: Charcoal Tablets can eliminate Salmonella bacteria
  • Added: Check Pulse action now displays the blood pressure and pulse type if irregular
  • Added: Stamina is depleted if a player is hit by a Flashbang
  • Added: Shoes gradually wear off while using
  • Added: Infected sometimes spawn with headgear, vests, and backpacks
  • Added: Flare effect around the Road Flare


  • Fixed: Duplicated items after joining friends online session
  • Fixed: Player gets stuck in server browser after hosting Play Together while Game turned off
  • Fixed: Client crash when player logs out of PS4 and then logs back in
  • Fixed: Seats aren’t adjustable from within the car
  • Fixed: Hair clipping with headgear
  • Fixed: Jammed weapons still created gun shots for other players
  • Fixed: ClockHour and clockMinute animation sources now synchronize with the accelerated time
  • Fixed: Breath vapor should now properly handle temperatures lower than its lower range threshold
  • Fixed: Torch displaying “pieces” as quantity
  • Fixed: Universal Light and Pistol Light, Road Flare and flashlight now face forward when dropped, not sideways
  • Fixed: Infected can attack player through walls
  • Fixed: Car/Truck battery were invisible when attached to Battery Charger
  • Fixed: Player could not drink from pumps with item in hands
  • Fixed: Weapons barrel hiding while using optics
  • Fixed: Headlights could not be detached
  • Fixed: Rangefinder displayed incorrect distance
  • Fixed: Barbed Wire was not visible on Fence after mounting
  • Fixed: Player could jump with heavy items in hands
  • Fixed: It was not possible to loot dead body in car
  • Fixed: There was no sound when mounting the barbed wire with pliers
  • Fixed: Character could not perform actions after a magazine was detached from a weapon
  • Fixed: AI herds were not releasing the territory after the last member of the herd died (could prevent AI herds from re-spawning on smaller terrains with a lower number of territories)
  • Fixed: Incorrect visual state of the speedometer
  • Fixed: Liquid contents of the barrel do not persist upon server restart
  • Fixed: Character started to float in some sections of small rivers
  • Fixed: Punching walls was emitting unsuitable bullet impact particles
  • Fixed: Spotlight had a hole where the reflector part should be
  • Fixed: Opening/Closing of car doors was missing sounds
  • Fixed: Character stamina did not replenish correctly when reduced by the gear
  • Fixed: Action to eat pumpkin slices was missing
  • Fixed: Missing footsteps sound while strafing with a heavy item in hands
  • Fixed: Gas Stations can be blown up again
  • Fixed: Combination locks couldn’t be opened upon server restart


  • Tweaked: Ladders on deer stands should be easier to get on
  • Tweaked: Improved Road Flare particles
  • Tweaked: Torch no longer illuminates the world during daytime
  • Tweaked: Muzzle flash illumination range at night increased from 5m to 15m
  • Tweaked: Improved variability of the muzzle flash particle for the VSD and LAR rifles
  • Tweaked: Improved visibility of the blood splatter particle
  • Tweaked: Smoke particles on weapons
  • Tweaked: Decreased lethal radius of the landmines
  • Changed: Unified unlocking behaviour for house doors (using Lock pick or brute force)
  • Tweaked: Inventory icons for bladed weapons, food and drinks
  • Tweaked: Projectiles damage
  • Tweaked: Land Mine activation/explosion sounds
  • Changed: Jumping is disabled when a player is significantly injured
  • Tweaked: The output of sawing planks from Lumber Pile is now triple
  • Tweaked: Reversing with a car now subtly illuminates the area behind it, allowing drivers to see there at night
  • Tweaked: The connection timer is now up to 95 seconds in case of rapid server hopping. In connection to this change, the previous database locks have been removed
  • Tweaked: Player spawn logic for avoiding water surfaces
  • Tweaked: Gunshot sounds are audible up to 3.5 km
  • Tweaked: Improved plaster and concrete impact particle effects
  • Tweaked: Bullet impact effects are scaled by impact force much more visible now
  • Tweaked: The Portable Gas Lamp now burns 10x longer (~55 minutes with the smallest container, ~133 with the largest one)
  • Tweaked: Optimized muzzle flash particles for CR-61, FX-45, CR-75, IJ-70


  • NVGs and helmet lights cannot be switched on
  • Swapping items between your hands and the inventory of a corpse can result in items being stuck in the corpse’s inventory.
  • Opening the Online Tab in the “You are dead” screen gets the game stuck.
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