DayZ Update 1.17 July 2 Hotfix for Update 1.08.153251 Released

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While we just got a rather meaty DayZ patch a few days ago, Bohemia Interactive has released the DayZ update 1.17 July 2 hotfix, or what the studio calls DayZ update 1.08.153251. This patch is now out on all platforms (PS4, Xbox One, PC). Check out the full notes below.

DayZ update 1.17 July 2 patch notes:

Version: 1.08.153251



  • Fixed: Tents could be placed from large height differences
  • Fixed: Loading a bullet could cause the weapon to break
  • Fixed: Holding an item on quickbar while opening the inventory would end up with the widget getting stuck
  • Fixed: It was not possible to stack bark in the fireplace
  • Fixed: Items did not have a proper weight when split in the inventory
  • Fixed: It was possible to refill a ruined radiator in a car
  • Fixed: Dismantling the first floor of the watchtower would set the watchtower to a ruined state
  • Fixed: It was possible to attach 4 pieces of cooking equipment to the fireplace


  • Changed: The sceneComplexity value in the profile files is now clamped, preventing users from setting custom values

That’s basically it. As expected, there’s no new content in this DayZ update 1.17 July 2 patch given we just got a patch earlier this week.

Source: DayZ forums