DayZ Update 1.37 Out for Patch 1.17 This April 19 on Consoles

DayZ Update 1.37

Bohemia Interactive has released the DayZ update 1.37 patch today, and this one is for patch 1.17 on consoles which adds a significant number of changes and fixes! Check out the full DayZ April 19 update patch notes below.

DayZ Update 1.37 Patch Notes | DayZ Update 1.17 Patch Notes | DayZ April 19 Update Patch Notes:

Console Update 1.17 – Version 1.17.154721 (Released on 19.04.2022)




  • CR-550 Savanna rifle
  • Longhorn pistol
  • P1 pistol
  • Craft-able Spear (Bone & Stone head variants)
  • Pitchfork
  • Craft-able Bone knife
  • Cleaver
  • Meat tenderizer
  • Kitchen timer
  • Craft-able Fireplace stand
  • Brooms can be lit and used as a torch
  • Improvised clothes from rags
  • Improvised Rope Belt
  • Improvised gas mask filter
  • Gas mask filters can now be refilled with charcoal tablets
  • Sensitivity settings for various scope options
  • New optional control scheme
  • Bark can be harvested with axes now
  • Cookware is slowly getting damaged by being used
  • Gas mask filters get damaged while in use
  • Voice activation setting for voice chat
  • Scroll through multiple actions can be now done via mouse wheel
  • New point of interest on Livonia


  • Gear could not be added to other player’s inventories (
  • The sound of hitting an obstacle with a vehicle while reversing wasn’t played
  • Dropped items were pushed upwards in certain situations (
  • During punching the player would turn sideways in some situations
  • The sound of the Sarka 120 engine came from the front, whereas the engine is in the back (
  • Shelters weren’t build-able on some places
  • A burned-out fireplace is no longer producing light
  • Canceling activation of the bear trap and landmine caused errors
  • The visual effect of the contaminated area partly persisted after it was despawned (
  • Focus zoom briefly reset during several actions in the 1st person (
  • Hair clipped with NVG head strap on female characters
  • An incorrect texture of ruined wheels caused a server error on restart
  • Fixed rendering exploits related to buildings
  • Players could climb through closed windows on some buildings
  • The Player was able to pick up the fire barrel while items were attached to it
  • The sound of starting/stopping engine was not present for other players
  • Sound of opening or closing attachments was not present for other players  (
  • The sound of turning on/off the alarm clock wasn’t audible for other players
  • A staircase handrail was missing a collision
  • The attachment icon didn’t correctly reflect attached optics and rails on weapons (
  • Attaching more nails to the flag pole caused errors
  • Sharpened wooden sticks caused errors when damaged
  • Filtering server by favorited gives error: 9 in server browser (
  • Traps did not react to vehicles
  • Light and heavy melee attack combinations would sometimes result in too much damage ( – private)
  • Fixed several environment issues on Chernarus and Livonia
  • Certain gestures would make the character float above the ground when executed in prone (
  • Sound of ear ringing caused by the flash grenade could get stuck at some situations
  • Ruined Zmijovka hat didn’t properly reflect its state
  • Mouse cursor was invisible in the respawn menu


  • Reworked Nizhnoye village on Chernarus
  • Adding a favorite server when already at max (25) will throw an error instead of removing a random favorite
  • VOIP (any) is not available while in inventory. If VA is active, the player can keep speaking though
  • VOIP “push-to-talk” and “toggle voice activation” have been moved from DPAD-down to DPAD-left
  • VOIP “volume range up/down” has been added as DPAD-left + RB/LB
  • “Cycle fire mode” has been moved from DPAD-left to LT (I.E.  while in raised hands) + DPAD-right
  • While in vehicle, “accelerate” now behaves as an axis and can be modulated (instead of being on/off)
  • Heavy attack is now triggered by “Press Y” instead of “Hold Y”
  • A new optional control scheme added
  • Mic continues to listen to the player for 0.5 s after they let go of the push-to-talk button
  • All heat sources are now emitting heat
  • Drain and pour liquid actions are now properly separated
  • Adjusted the wolf model to allow a more precise head-shot
  • The burning duration of torches now correctly depends on the amount of fuel
  • Cooking without lard/water now reduces the weight of the burned food
  • Weapon sway increases while the character is rolling
  • Fireplaces start heating up the player character faster now
  • Position of the light source for Sarka 120 when only a single headlight is on was set to the proper position
  • Players are no longer able to get into a vehicle while holding a heavy item (
  • Stone knifes can no longer be sharpened with a sharpening stone
  • Action inputs will be prioritized over inventory actions (e.g. climbing a ladder before dropping your item in hands)
  • Closing the inventory wasn’t possible with the view button after assigning an item to a quick slot
  • Updated the game credits


  • Land Mine disappears after disarming
  • Text in controls is sometimes overlapping
  • Thrown Spears, Sharp/Long Wooden Sticks and Torches fall under the ground
  • Missing sound while base building or mining stones with Meat Tenderizer
  • Heavy/Special attack is not mapped correctly for the new control scheme and clashes with the new jump button
  • Missing “Controller disconnected” dialogue with MnK enabled
  • Player gets desynced when equipping weapon after cancelling equip animation before
  • When kindling/fuel items become ruined in fire, player is unable to add the same item before the ruined one disappears
  • Roasting sound effect remains with cooking equipment even after the roasting is done

That’s it for the patch. Stay tuned at MP1st for further updates for DayZ!

Source: DayZ forums

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