Dead by Daylight Upcoming Update (4.5.2) Changes Discussed, Here’s What’s Coming

Dead by Daylight Update 2.15 March 3

While Behaviour Interactive just released a patch last week that bought in changes to the HUD, gameplay changes and more, it hasn’t resonated as well as the devs would have liked with the player base. Thankfully, the devs are listening, as the Dead by Daylight upcoming update (titled 4.5.2) changes have been discussed in detail.

Relevant Reading: For those looking for the Dead by Daylight Feb. 16 patch (hotfix 4.5.1), check out the patch notes here.

Note that this is not the official patch notes for the upcoming title update for Dead by Daylight, but rather, an overview of what the devs are looking into and what changes are set to come. That said, nothing here is set in stone, so some things could get moved or taken out completely.

Dead by Daylight Upcoming Update (4.5.2) Changes:

Following the 4.5.0 update, we have been closely monitoring feedback on a few different key changes. Already we have begun making changes, and we would like to address as many as we can in one go.

Above is a work in progress preview of the changes we’ll be making to the HUD for the 4.5.2 update. Please note that this image is not final and could be subject to further tweaks and polish.

To summarize some of the most notable changes, we have:

  • Moved the Survivor statuses from the top left to the lower left
  • Lowered the hook counter
  • Moved the generator counter/objective to the lower left
  • Removed text from objectives
  • Added a separate scaling option for skill checks
  • Increased the size of bleedout and hook progress bars

The changes listed above are planned to appear in the 4.5.2 update. There are more changes planned to come to that will be part of future updates such as:

  • Changing status effects to avoid red-on-red
  • Increasing the visibility of Killer powers (e.g. Reverse Bear Trap timers, Doctor’s Madness, etc.)
  • Increasing the visibility of text on high resolutions


We are also reviewing feedback for the new Survivor animations. While the movement itself hasn’t changed, new animations and transitions can make your character feel different to control. We want this transition to be as smooth as possible, so we are looking into the following:

  • Removing camera position changes
  • Fixing some animation bugs
  • Reviewing turning animation to better reflect the old animations

We are tentatively planning to address some of these issues starting alongside the next Chapter. Please note that this is by no means a comprehensive list and we are still actively discussing feedback, including possible causes for motion sickness.


Many of you have reported strange hits after the 4.5.0 update. You’re not alone, this is a high priority issue, and our team has identified a potential cause. We are aiming to have the fix ready for the 4.5.2 update.

We have also investigated an issue which would cause Killers to be teleported to the wrong side of the pallet. This issue will be fixed in the 4.5.2 update as well.


Finally, there are a few frequently reported issues that we’d like to cover before we sign off:

  • Losing pips in custom games: Fixed in 4.5.1
  • Missing collision on a structure in the Asylum map: Fixed in 4.5.1
  • Impassable areas in some maps: Fixed in 4.5.1
  • Losing pips even though you appear to have safety pipped: Fixed in 4.5.2 (this was a visual bug where the game would incorrectly show you a higher quality emblem that you actually earned)
  • Misleading collision on rubble piles surrounding the Asylum: Fixed in 4.5.2

No firm release window/date has been given for this upcoming patch, but once we know more, we’ll let our readers know.

Source: Dead by Daylight forums

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