Dead by Daylight Freddy Krueger Teased as the Next Killer

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With Behaviour Interactive adding infamous movie maulers Michael Myers (Halloween) and Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) in Dead by Daylight, it’s now time for Freddy Krueger to enter the fray! Yes, the grotesque killer form the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise is set to be in Dead by Daylight!

Note that data-miners also found a file codenamed “Sandman” for the next killer, which isn’t a hard code to decipher. Sandman makes people sleep, and then Krueger won’t let people sleep and so on. The teaser video showing scratch marks and the words “don’t fall asleep” isn’t exactly subtle, either.

Other than that, no further details were shared, so we have to wait until the price, and other details are officially announced. I’d assume it’ll be out before Halloween, so the wait won’t be long now.

Aside from Freddy, who’s another famous movie villain would you want to appear in Dead by Daylight?