Dead Island 2 Launch Trailer Lets You Take a Peek at the Slayer Life

Dambuster Studios and publisher Deep Silver have released the Dead Island 2 launch trailer, and this gives gamers a brief intro on what to expect in their trip to Hell-A!

Set to launch later this week on April 21, go check out what’s in store for the zombie franchise once it returns.

Dead Island 2 launch trailer hype-train is departing now! The final sneak-peek at the Slayer life before we launch. You may need to grab a raincoat because you are now in the zombie-slaying splash zone – enjoy the gore!

Here’s the official description for Dead Island 2 straight from Deep Silver:

The long-awaited next entry in the Dead Island franchise, Dead Island 2 places players in the shoes of one of six bombastic survivors – Amy, Bruno, Dani, Ryan, Carla, and Jacob. After finding out that you’re immune to the zombie virus the hard way, humanity’s future is in your hands. Aided by newfound friends, including the original Dead Island’s Sam B., players must escape from HELL-A before the rest of the world succumbs to the undead plague.

Standing in your way are the undead hordes of Angelinos, as varied as they once were in life. Slaughter reanimated muscle-beach hunks, fashionable celebrities, and beach bums alike in gruesome style with a variety of weapons. Whether you’re slashing them up with knives, chopping them with an electrified axe, or turning them into swiss cheese with an assault rifle, Dead Island 2’s blood-drenched action is a gory spectacle to behold.

With different environmental effects to experiment with and your own strange abilities as an infected yet seemingly immune zombie virus survivor, there are ample ways to take out the undead. As long as there’s a trail of gore behind you, there isn’t a wrong way to mow down the hordes.

For those on PC, you can check out the PC requirements needed in order to run the game. Stay tuned to our review hitting the site soon!

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