Dead Space Comms Array Solution Guide

dead space remake comms array solution

Like many other games, Dead Space has its fair share of puzzles, and the comms array puzzle in Chapter 8 is a great remake of the original one back in 2008. Still, if you’re having trouble finding the solution, then don’t worry: here’s a Dead Space comms array solution guide that’ll let you proceed through the story in no time.

Do note that before you can actually solve the puzzle, you’ll have to take down some Necromorphs first, so be prepared to clear the area out.

Dead Space Remake Comms Array Solution Guide:

Solving the comms array puzzle is actually quite simple once you understand how the puzzle works. Essentially, your goal is to transfer power from the source to the central node. You’ll notice that there are wires running through the roof of the room—that’s where the power flows through. Blue, glowing wires are powered, whereas the red ones are not.

To actually connect the wires together, you’ll need to use junctions that intersect the wires, but not all of them are working. To find which junction is functional, look for white lines in the center, as shown below. The lines also show you how the wires will transfer power, so you’ll know which direction you’re redirecting the power to. You can use your kinesis ability to remove and place these junctions into their respective slots.

With this knowledge, all you have to do is use the working junctions to transfer the power from the source to the central node. Simply remove any non-working junctions and add the working ones where necessary. There are multiple ways to solve this solution; here’s one of them.

dead space remake comms array solution

Here are a couple of tips:

  • You can rotate the junctions upside-down if you think that will lead to a solution
  • Placing the working junctions on one side and the non-working ones on the other will make things less confusing

Once you’ve powered the central node, you’ll be able to proceed through the story. Check out our Dead Space remake game hub for more guides and content!

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