Dead Space Remake Alternate Ending How to Obtain – Marker Fragment Locations Guide

how to get dead space remake alternate ending

One of the newer features added to the Dead Space remake that wasn’t present in the original game is a secret alternate ending, and to get to it, players need to collect 12 different Marker Fragments scattered throughout the story when you play it a second time around. If you need help finding the markers, check out our quick Dead Space remake alternate ending guide where each Marker Fragment’s location is listed.

Do note that once your reach a certain point in the story, you won’t be able to backtrack for the Marker Fragments, so it’s recommended you collect them as you play through the story again. It’s also worth mentioning that the Marker Fragments only spawn in once you unlock New Game Plus, so if you haven’t finished the story just yet, you may want to do so first.

How to Get the Dead Space Remake Alternate Ending – Marker Fragment Locations Guide:

Marker Fragment 1

  • Available in: Chapter 1
  • Location: Hangar-Cargo-Tram Control

On a shelf behind some papers. You can destroy the papers by shooting at them or using melee attacks. 

Marker Fragment 2

  • Available in: Chapter 2
  • Location: Medical, Dr. T. Kyne – CSO

In a hidden room behind a bookshelf. Use kinesis to move the bookshelf away and access the room.

Marker Fragment 3

  • Available in: Chapter 3
  • Location: Engineering, Engine Room

You’ll find the Marker Fragment behind Power Sub-Station 03.

Marker Fragment 4

  • Available in: Chapter 4
  • Location: Bridge, Break Room

Enter the Break Room and you’ll find it by the wall near one of the candles.

Marker Fragment 5

  • Available in: Chapter 5
  • Location: Medical, Dr. C. Mercer

Enter Dr. C. Mercer’s office and you’ll find it on the desk.

Marker Fragment 6

  • Available in: Chapter 5
  • Location: Medical, Cryogenics

Found on top of the cryogenics chamber. You’ll need to use kinesis to reach for it.

Marker Fragment 7

  • Available in: Chapter 6
  • Location: Hydroponics

Use kinesis if you can’t seem to reach the Marker Fragment when you first come across it.

Marker Fragment 8

  • Available in: Chapter 7
  • Location: Mining, Mineral Processing Area

Head to the Mineral Samples room and enter it. You’ll need Security Clearance Level 3 to be able to enter the room.

Marker Fragment 9

  • Available in: Chapter 8
  • Location: Communications Hub, Communications Array

While solving the comms array puzzle, you can head over to the corrupted hole nearby and pick the Marked Fragment up from there. 

Marker Fragment 10

  • Available in: Chapter 10
  • Location: Crew Quarters, Deluxe Shift Bunks

Found on a desk next to some Credits.

Marker Fragment 11

  • Available in: Chapter 10
  • Location: Crew Quarters, Inquiry Desks

Found on one of the desks in the room.

Marker Fragment 12

  • Available in: Chapter 11
  • Location: Hangar-Cargo-Tram Control

Found in the southeast corner of the area, on a shelf.

How to Use Marker Fragments?

To actually unlock the secret ending in the Dead Space remake, you need to use the marker fragments. Head on over to Captain B. Mathius’ room in the Crew Quarters and inspect the table with candles on them. The Marker Fragments will be placed on the table and you’ll receive an ominous message. After that, play the game normally until you reach the ending, and this time, you’ll be treated to the secret ending instead.

Getting to the new secret ending for the Dead Space remake does require a bit of searching, but it’s a great way to spice up New Game Plus and serves as a treat for Dead Space fans old and new. Enjoy the secret ending!

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