Deathloop Devs Says Level of Ambition Not Possible If Not for Next-Gen, PS5 a “Breath of Fresh Air”

Death Loop PS5

It seems that moving on to next-gen is proving to be very beneficial for Deathloop developers, Arkane Studios, as they discuss PS5 development, along with revealing new details around their upcoming game.

In the latest issue of Play Magazine, Arkane Studios discusses some of the benefits of moving on to next-gen platforms, citing that they believe the level of ambition they have for Deathloop would have not been possible were it developed on last-gen (PS4, Xbox One).

“I don’t think that we would have been able to preserve the level of ambition of this game were it not for the move to next-gen.” Said Game director Dinga Bakaba.

He goes on to add that the PS5 has allowed them to created a world bigger, and more denser than the one found in Dishonored 2, and how the console feels like a ‘breath of fresh air” from the development side of things, citing having to cut content from previous projects.

“It’s always heartbreaking when you get to the end of a project, and you have to optimise things, and now you have to cut your map in half and you have to justify why it’s in two parts.”

Other new information on Deathloop can be found in the summary down below.

  • No non-lethal takedowns.
  • Havok ability – Allows Colt to absorb incoming damage that can be sent back.
  • Ether ability – Makes you invisible.
  • Shift ability – Allows you to teleport. Very comparable to Corvo abilities in Dishonored.
  • Carnage ability – Allows you top throw Eternalists around.
  • Nexus ability – Allows you to link enemies together.
  • Nexus and Carnage can be paired together.
  • Reprise ability – described as a “game changer” and gives Colt breathing room during loops.
  • Loadouts can be customized with buffs such as double jumping.
  • Hacker-ma-jig – A devices that seizes turrets and other things.
  • Each new run you can spend currency known as Residuum to buy weapons.
  • Residuum is the only currency in the game.
  • The team rewards players for style, playing creatively, or playing cautiously.
  • Character rewards are all randomized, so your hours put into a character will be different to someone else.
  • Multiplayer mode is how you unlock unique cosmetics.
  • Each costumes expresses one element of the personality of Colt or Julianna, or one aspect of the themes on the island.

Deathloop is schedule to release September 14, for both PC and as a timed console exclusive for the PS5. No details on the Xbox Series release has been given yet.

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2 years ago

PS5 a “Breath of Fresh Air”……….the last words of being free before getting horribly caged and stuck making your games for series s going forward lol.

And over on N4G darthv72 says
“you do realize that working on the PS5 is akin to working on the Series… right? So whatever they learn from this game they carry with them and improve on with the power of X.”

Haha, pretending that you weren’t talking up owning a series s for the past 7 months with nothing to play, now you have a series x with nothing to play. Anything they make has to be made so that series s can handle it FIRST and then it gets ported to series x. You can’t use the “power of X” when the x isn’t the main console that is the low bar target.

Why deny this now? Why deny it in 7 years time when Halo Infinite 3 looks like garbage still because of ongoing series s support much like the horrible damage Xbone is doing to the game right now?

George Foreman
George Foreman
Reply to  andrewsqual
2 years ago

You really take silly little kids video games seriously don’t you?

2 years ago

I’ll take BS for 500 Alex.

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