Deathverse: Let It Die Trailer Revealed, Check Out Gameplay Right Here

Deathverse Let It Die

A new kind of survival action game is coming your way, as Deathverse: Let It Die trailer debuts at the PlayStation State of Play October 2021 digital event — showing off gameplay of some twisted characters and deathmatch combat that’s all about style and showing off your moves.

Here’s the trailer showing the follow up to the 2016 Let It Die.

Set a hundred years after the events of Let It Die, here’s the overview of Deathverse via press release and why the game puts emphasis on a reality show setting called Death Jamboree.

Set hundreds of years after the events of Let It Die, Deathverse: Let It Die brings players into the world of smash-hit reality show ‘Death Jamboree.’ Hosted by the charismatic Bryan Zemeckis, with commentary from former Champion Queen B, the MCs’ personalities are just as colorful as the bloodstained stage. While it’s well known that Death Jamboree is produced by the enigmatic Yotsuyama Broadcasting Company, the show’s past is steeped in mystery and led by a cabal of shadowy figures.

As one of the contestants of Death Jamboree, players will be outfitted with a special Wilson  robotic device that assists them in combat. They can turn into weapons, act as defensive tools, and help turn the tide of battle in this battle royale style arena where survival is the name of the game and the rewards are big if you come out of it alive facing UMAs and Hunters. An energy source called SPLithium is littered all around the uninhabited island the contest takes place in, and it becomes lethally poisonous after consumption — adding to the big risks and stakes of this game.

We’ve covered Let It Die news in the past, and we’ll be sure to feature more about Deathverse: Let It Die when it arrives for PlayStation in 2022.

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