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PS5 Holiday 2020 Release Still Happening According to Sony News 0

News 0 Despite the major impact that COVID-19 is currently having on the world market, a recent website update has re-confirmed that the PS5 holiday 2020 release is still on track. The update comes from the official PlayStation 5 website, which now sees some new text along with the heading “PlayStation® 5 is coming. Launches holiday 2020” […]

PlayStation Plus Free Games April Selection Leaked News 0

News 0 Those looking for the next batch of free games for PlayStation Plus members, it seems the PlayStation Plus free games April selections have been reveald — albeit, prematurely. An unlisted video by the PlayStation Access YouTube channel has outed the two PS4 games set to become free for PlayStation Plus members, and they are: Uncharted […]

PSN Slow Downloads for Games Initiated by Sony to Preserve Online Gaming News 0

News 0 With more and more people being ordered to stay at home due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, most people have turned to gaming to entertain themselves. While that in itself is fine, it seems this is putting strain on the internet as a whole. If you encounter PSN slow downloads today or in the near […]

Sony PlayStation Patents “Direct Gameplay” Booting, Lets You Choose What to Load News 5

News 5 Despite the PlayStation 5 impressive SSD speeds, it would appear that Sony is looking into ways to further increase the boot time to play games, as the latest in PlayStation patents reveals custom game templates that will launch games directly into gameplay. Update: Quick update because I’ve been seeing some confusion. Don’t mistake this with […]

PlayStation Multiplayer Franchises We Want Revived on PS5 News 3

News 3 Following the PS5’s specs reveal last week, it seems Sony is slowly unraveling the essentials when it comes to the next-gen console. Of course, we know that regardless of how powerful a console is, it’s nothing without the right games. Given we’re a multiplayer-centric publication, we’re here to list down some of the PlayStation multiplayer […]

Here Are the Free Games You Can Download Right Now While Stuck at Home News 0

News 0 With the COVID-19 epidemic spreading like wildfire across the world, most of the world’s governments are recommending people to stay at home in order to stop the virus from spreading. Having said that, one of the best and safest ways to entertain yourselves at home is by playing video games. Now, for those who don”t […]

The Importance of SSD Rendering Explained by Former Naughty Dog Technical Director News 0

News 0 The next-generation of consoles are set to bring some major changes, though it’s their SSDs that have caught the eye of former Naughty Dog employee, Andrew Maximov as he highlights why he’s excited for them. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Sony has officially revealed the PlayStation 5 specs. While they appear to […]

PS5 vs Xbox Series X Specs Showdown News 0

News 0 With Microsoft unveiling the official Xbox Series X specs the other day, and Sony revealing the official PS5 specs today, some might be wondering: how do the two next-gen consoles stand side-by-side? Well, here’s a quick PS5 vs Xbox Series X specs comparison list! PS5 vs Xbox Series X specs comparison: As you can see, […]

Sony Expects Almost All Major PS4 Titles to Be Playable on PS5 at Launch News 1

News 1 We’ve known for some time now that the PlayStation 5 would be backward compatible with the PS4, though the extent of it had yet to be revealed. Today, during the PS5 deep dive reveal, Lead System Architect Mark Cerny took to discuss how the PS5 backward compatibility works and what players can expect when launch […]

PlayStation Store Sale “March Madness” Now Live, Here Are the Games News 0

News 0 While it’s not a Tuesday, that hasn’t stopped Sony from launching a new PlayStation Store sale this week and it’s called the “March Madness” sale! Check out a ton of discounted games below. PlayStation Store sale “March Madness” – Ends 3/30: Game Price % Off PS+ % Off 428: Shibuya Scramble $9.99 80% A Fisherman’s […]

Official PS5 Specs Revealed, Here’s How it Stacks Up Against PS4 News 1

News 1 As Sony unveils it’s next-gen console — the PlayStation 5 (PS5) — today, the company has revealed the official PS5 specs as expected! In an in-depth feature by DigitalFoundry, the PS5 specs are listed alongside the PS4. Check it out below. CPU PlayStation 5 8x Zen 2 Cores at 3.5GHz (variable frequency) PlayStation 4 8x […]

PS5 Reveal Happening Now, Will Be a Deep Dive Into System Architecture News 0

News 0 In case you didn’t know, Sony announced yesterday that they’ll be doing a PS5 reveal today wherein the company will take a deep dive into the system’s architecture. Well, that’s happening now! Or more specifically, at 9 a.m. PT/12 noon ET! It’s not a livestream or anything and will be pre-recorded footage with PS5 (and […]

PS Plus March Asia Free Games List Adds Monster Hunter World News 0

News 0 Those who have R3 (region 3) Asian PlayStation Plus accounts, you’re in luck! The PS Plus Asia March free games has just been updated to include Capcom’s Monster Hunter World! Note that no other freebie is being taken out, and Monster Hunter World is just being added to the existing list which includes Shadow of […]

PS5 Deep Dive Into System Architecture Happening Tomorrow News 0

News 0 While Microsoft unleashed quite a number of bombs yesterday with the Xbox Series X specs reveal and other stuff, Sony isn’t going to take it sitting down, as the company announced that a PS5 deep dive into the upcoming console’s architecture is happening tomorrow! Tomorrow at 9am Pacific Time, PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny […]

Latest PS4 and PS5 Controller Attachment Patent Brings “Tactile Feedback” for the Visually Impaired News 3

News 3 The latest PS4 and PS5 controller patent filing by Sony Computer Interactive sees a new controller attachment that has the ability to produce a wide variety of functions, including brail for the blind. The patent, which went public yesterday details the functionality of the device which slips on top of the touchpad of a Dualshock […]

PlayStation Store Flash Sale Now Live, Here Are the Discounted Titles News 0

News 0 It’s been quite some time, but Sony has launched the latest PlayStation Store flash sale and it’s live now! Unfortunately though, unlike other flash sales, this one doesn’t realy have a lot of titles available. Unless the list hasn’t updated still (it’s been more than two hours since it launched), this is it. PlayStation Store […]

Next-Gen Consoles on Track for Holiday 2020 According to AMD, PS5 RDNA 2 Hinted At News 0

News 0 AMD recently held its Financial Analyst Day presentation, stating that both next-gen console launches are on track for this Holiday all while hinting at PS5 RDNA 2 support. There isn’t much known about the PlayStation 5 besides a few tidbits of information that Sony dropped last year. And while we have yet to learn as […]

PlayStation Plus March Download Links Now Live – File Sizes, Description & More Here (US, EU) News 0

News 0 It’s the first Tuesday of the month, and for PlayStation Plus members, that means the PlayStation Plus free games for March are now live! Below, the PlayStation Plus March download links are available, as well as the official file sizes, descriptions and more. In case you didn’t know, this month’s free games are Shadow of […]

Free PS Plus March Games Announced News 0

News 0 PlayStation gamers, one of the most anticipated news every month has been revealed by Sony, and I’m of course, referring to the monthly PlayStation Plus free games! The free PS Plus March games lineup has been announced, and they’re none other than Shadow of the Colossus and Sonic Forces! Full description of each below. Free […]

Report: PS4 Update 7.50 Beta Invites Being Sent Out News 19

News 19 It seems Sony is going to let some players test out the new PS4 firmware soon, as PS4 update 7.50 beta invites are apparently being sent out as we speak! Over on Twitter, multiple people have posted screenshots of the invite, which we’ve translated below. PS4システムソフトウェア7.50ベータの招待来たけど新機能追加とか特に無くて本当にデバック要因募集っぽい — dolly (@dolly_silent) February 26, 2020 PS4 7.50 […]

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