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Report: Several PS4 Models Manufacturing to Be Discontinued News 0

News 0 While the PS5 is still a hot ticket item that’s very hard to buy without going through scalpers and the like, it looks like Sony is prepping to transition its resources to now-gen, as several PS4 models are being discontinued according to a Japanese retail chain. Related Reading: PS5 Custom Faceplates Announced By Dbrand, Challenges […]

PS5 Custom Faceplates Announced By Dbrand, Challenges Sony to Sue News 35

News 35 Following news before the PS5’s launch that its faceplates can be removed and potentially be customized, a third-party hardware manufacturer got a cease and desist order from Sony to stop developing PS5 custom faceplates or suffer the ire of Sony’s legal team. Well, it looks like a new company has announced their own PS5 custom […]

PlayStation Store Sale “Holiday Sale” Now Live, Here’s the Full Games List News 0

News 0 We’re nearing the end of 2020 but that hasn’t stopped Sony from launching one more PlayStation Store sale and it’s live now! The PS Store “Holiday Sale” is now live, and it offers as much as 70% off on games! Check out the full list of discounted titles below. Related Reading: Cyberpunk 2077 Gets Pulled […]

Cyberpunk 2077 Gets Pulled From the PlayStation Store, Sony Offers Refunds News 1

News 1 It’s already been a week since Cyberpunk 2077 was released, and yet because of the numerous bugs and performance issues the game has had especially in the last-gen versions — Many are unsatisfied with the experience CD Projekt Red has delivered. Despite issuing an apology and promising fixes, that hasn’t escaped the eye of Sony […]

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo Partner for Safer Online Gaming News 0

News 0 While Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft are all competitors when it comes to video game products, the big three gaming manufacturers have banded together to help foster a safer online gaming experience for everyone — regardless of which platform they play on. Related Reading: Compatible PS5 Monitors That Can Support 120fps Check out the key points […]

PlayStation Store The Game Awards Sale – Here Are the Complete List of Games News 0

News 0 In case you didn’t know, the year’s last major gaming event is here, and that’s The Game Awards! Same as every year, Sony has launched the PlayStation Store The Game Awards sale! Check out the full list of discounted titles below. PlayStation Store The Game Awards Sale: Game Price % Off PS+ Price PS+ % […]

Compatible PS5 Monitors That Can Support 120fps News 5

News 5 In the market for a new gaming monitor that supports 120fps (frames-per-second) and works on the latest next-gen console, the PS5? Wel,l this piece of helpful info for compatible PS5 monitors might be what you’re looking for, as it compiles a list of currently supported monitors for Sony’s next-gen console. Reddit user MarkG33 has collaborated […]

PS4 Update 8.03 Rolled Out, Includes More Than Stability Fixes News 4

News 4 While Sony has just rolled out a PS5 firmware update today, PS4 gamers won’t be left out, as PS4 update 8.03 is now live! The latest firmware update for the PS4 actually has new stuff in it other than just stability fixes. It appears the update is optional for the moment, so users won’t be […]

PS5 Update 20.02.-02.30.00 Released, Will Prompt DualSense Update (Update) News 1

News 1 Sony is continuing its roll out of new PS5 firmware patches frequently, as PS5 update 20.02.-02.30.00 is now live! Clocking in at 868MB, today’s PS5 firmware patch has resoolved some nagging system issues, and has improved connection to Wi-FI and more. Update: Sony has released the official changelog, which we’ve updated the post with. PS5 […]

Steam PS5 Controller Support Added by Valve, Here’s How to Pair the DualSense Controller to a PC News 0

News 0 Good news for PC gamers out there who prefer using a controller, Valve has just released a new client update for Steam, which adds full Steam PS5 controller support! While initially available in the beta branch of the Steam client, Valve has now released a new public update that adds DualSense (PS5 controller) support. This […]

PSN Down? PSN Sign in Errors & Game Access Issues Surface for Gamers Worldwide, Different Error Codes Showing Up News 0

News 0 It seems the PlayStation Network (PSN) and its servers are having issues, as multiple gamers across the globe are reporting PSN sign in errors and game access issues currently, with multiple error codes showing up for various gamers. However, it seems PSN down reports aren’t as prevalent, with other issues cropping up this time. Over […]

PlayStation Store Sale This Week Is the “End of Year” Sale, Here’s the Full List of Games News 1

News 1 While Black Friday is over, that’s not stopping Sony from pushing out a new PlayStation Store sale this week and it’s none other than the “End of Year” sale! This brings a ton of games at reduced prices, which you can check out below. PlayStation Store Sale This Week Is the “End of Year” Sale: […]

PlayStation Partner Awards 2020 Announced, Will Air on Dec. 3 News 0

News 0 In a press release, Sony has announced the PlayStation Partner Awards 2020 show, which is set to air on YouTube this December 3, 2020 at 6 p.m. HKT (5 a.m. ET/3 a.m. PT). Related Reading: PS5 Is Sony’s Biggest Console Launch to Date, More Supply Coming to Retailers This Year This awards show, which has […]

PS5 Is Sony’s Biggest Console Launch to Date, More Supply Coming to Retailers This Year News 3

News 3 Unsurprisingly, it would appear that Sony hit big with the PS5 as they have confirmed that the console is their biggest launch to date. While no official numbers have been provided yet, the company issued a thank you statement this morning over on Twitter, confirming that the PS5 is their biggest console launch ever. And […]

PlayStation Plus Free Games for December 2020 Revealed News 0

News 0 If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber and are looking forward to what’s coming for the final month of the year, PlayStation has revealed their line-up of free games for December 2020 — which includes Worms Rumble for the PS4 and PS5, as well as Just Cause 4 and Rocket Arena! Here’s the word from PlayStation […]

New PS5 Update Released Today November 25 News 0

News 0 If you thought Sony would be letting up on releasing firmware updates when next-gen rolls around, you’re dead wrong. Sony has released the new PS5 update firmware patch that brings more of what people expect, which is stability improvements. Related Reading: There Is a Hidden PS5 Web Browser and Here’s How to Access It […]

PlayStation Store Black Friday Sale Now Live, Here Are the Full Games News 0

News 0 It’s Black Friday and Sony has launched the PlayStation Store Black Friday sale! There are multiple categories for this sale, which includes those that have a PS5 version, multiplayer and more. PlayStation Store Black Friday Sale: The PlayStation Blog posted a partial list of games in the sale, and we’ve included the sale on the […]

PSA: PS4 to PS5 Disc Upgrades Will Reinstall PS4 Version When Swapping Discs News 3

News 3 For those upgrading from PS4 to PS5, it’s refreshing to know that almost all your games will work on your next-gen console, and most even have free upgrades. However, there is one thing Sony or devs haven’t told you and it’s that most PS4 to PS5 disc upgrades will end up taking double the space […]

Own a PS5 Disc Version? You May Want to Install Offline for Faster Installation (Error CE-107863-5) News 1

News 1 If you own a PS5 that takes physical discs, you may want to know that being connected online may slow down installation, as the system adds any updates to the initial install. This may resolve those having the CE-107863-5 error. As pointed out by Lance McDonald, when connected to the PSN network while installing a […]

PS5 Pre-Orders in the Philippines Will Only Be Live for 5 Minutes News 0

News 0 With the PS5 already out in some parts of the world, there are still a large amount of countries where Sony’s next-gen machine isn’t available yet. In Southeast Asia (or at least select countries in Southeast Asia), the PS5 will be available on December 11. If you thought snagging one was tough, it’s way tougher […]

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