Deep Rock Galactic Update 1.14 (PS5 1.000.015) Deployed This May 12

Deep Rock Galactic Update 1.14

Ghost Ship has released the Deep Rock Galactic update 1.14 patch (PS5 version got patch 1.000.014 and 1.000.015 today), and this is for cross-gen fixes and more. Read on for the Deep Rock Galactic May 12 patch notes.

Deep Rock Galactic Update 1.14 Patch Notes | Deep Rock Galactic Update 1.000.015 Patch Notes | Deep Rock Galactic May 12 Patch Notes:

A new PlayStation patch is out!
Included fixes:
– Crossgen save transfer (PS4 to PS5) now works again
– Supporter pack chat icon and beer now work again
– Several important crash fixes.

This is the patch that we tried getting out last Friday, but because of some problems that arose, it got delayed. PS5 and PS4 versions are now on the same patch as the other platforms. The fix for PS4 trophies is being tested right now and should be ready for the next patch.

As for the PS4 trophies issue, it seems that is fixed as well, as the PS4 update history for update 1.14 has this listed:

  • Trophies are now fixed

We know the version numbers are confusing, and we’ve reached out to Ghost Ship about this as well. Hopefully, the next time the game gets a patch, it’ll be just one version for each platform.

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