Dell Is Selling a SNES Classic Bundle For $480

You’re probably used to seeing these stylish “mini” consoles selling out at launch and then appearing on eBay for triple the original price. Scalpers love to take advantage of the hype and short supply, and it’s just expected nowadays. What isn’t as expected, however, is to see a worldwide retailer marking up prices beyond reasonable levels. This is where Dell’s upcoming SNES Classic sale “deal” comes in.

Starting October 9, you can purchase Dell’s SNES Classic bundle for $480. This includes the SNES Classic, a 3DS XL, and five games.

At least the games are good, I suppose!

As much as I love my fellow humans, my cynical side fears that folks will jump all over this come Monday morning. Genuine fans who are willing to pay anything will be ready and waiting to drop almost $500!

Have you got a SNES Classic? Did you pay $80, or a lot, lot more?

Source: NeoGAF

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