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SNES Classic Sales Numbers in Japan Surpass 360,000 in First 4 Days News 0

News 0 With the SNES Classic, Nintendo is clearly aiming it at the old players (like me) who have very fond memories of the console way back then. Well, so far so good, it seems to be working — even in Japan! The Nintendo Classic Mini Super Famicom, which is the Japanese equivalent of the SNES Classic […]

SNES Classic Hack Tutorial Allows More Games to Be Added News 3

News 3 While the SNES Classic is one hard retro console to get, those who have it might be wondering if there’s a way to add more games to the console other than what Nintendo included. Popular choices like Chrono Trigger, NBA Jam, and more are sure to be missed by old-school fans, but fret not! There […]

Dell Is Selling a SNES Classic Bundle For $480 News 0

News 0 You’re probably used to seeing these stylish “mini” consoles selling out at launch and then appearing on eBay for triple the original price. Scalpers love to take advantage of the hype and short supply, and it’s just expected nowadays. What isn’t as expected, however, is to see a worldwide retailer marking up prices beyond reasonable […]

Gaming News Round-Up: Uncharted, SNES Classic Pre-Orders, & Shenmue 3 News 0

News 0 Covering both multiplayer and single-player gaming news, This Just-In Gaming has a round-up of everything significant that’s happened over the last week. From SNES Classic and Xbox One X pre-orders to Shenmue III, This Just-In Gaming explores and discusses all of the must-know news. If you like This Just-in Gaming, get subscribed to his YouTube channel!  […]